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Internet Television

YouTube Unveils New Features For Content Creators | Studio App, Crowdfunding, 60fps
YouTube would be nothing without content, and original content, no less. And the people who create that original content need as many tools at their disposal as possible. YouTube has delivered a new set of features to content
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Netflix & Co. will soon make more money than movie theaters 05 June 2014, 15.49 Internet Television
Netflix & Co. will soon make more money than movie theaters
Jun. 4, 2014 - 10:06 AM PDT Jun. 4, 2014 - 10:06 AM PDT Do you prefer a night in with Netflix over paying $8 for popcorn at the theater? You’re not alone: Box office revenue has been flat over the past few years while online
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ISP to Netflix: Please come to Hong Kong! 05 June 2014, 15.49 Internet Television
ISP to Netflix: Please come to Hong Kong!
Jun. 4, 2014 - 7:15 AM PDT Jun. 4, 2014 - 7:15 AM PDT Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) would love to offer its customers Netflix. The local ISP decided to make its love for House of Cards and other Netflix shows public with
Read More 82 Hits 0 Ratings
Longform journalism startup Byliner is in trouble and says its future is unclear
Jun. 3, 2014 - 6:09 PM PDT Jun. 3, 2014 - 6:09 PM PDT It’s no secret that I was bullish on Byliner, the e-singles startup that launched with a splash in 2011 with bestselling author Jon Krakauer’s “Three Cups of
Read More 76 Hits 0 Ratings
Cord Cutters: My review of Tablo, a DVR for over-the-air TV 05 June 2014, 15.49 Internet Television
Cord Cutters: My review of Tablo, a DVR for over-the-air TV
1 day ago Jun. 4, 2014 - 3:26 PM PDT Tablo is a new DVR for cord cutters that comes without any HDMI port, but with the ability to stream live and recorded TV to mobile devices, Roku boxes and Chromecast sticks. Check out our
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Earth News Reports

Pop culture heroes drawn as ukiyo-e characters 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Pop culture heroes drawn as ukiyo-e characters
Japanese artist Takao Nagawa took on the ukiyo-e classic style by mixing it with modern pop culture heroes like Super Mario or Darth Vader, among others. He drew the heroes in the Samurai poses, changing their facial
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Living sculptures by Mike Campau 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Living sculptures by Mike Campau
Strange abstract structures are given life by simply adding clothing to it. It’s interesting to see how a few pieces of clothing make some weird forms come to life. This series was created by combining studio photography
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Cute or scary? Anatomical illustrations of famous cartoon characters
Parts of me want to find these illustrations extremely cute, while another part of my brain finds these bones popping out a bit disguting. Anyway, these drawings are a great take on some famous cartoon characters. It was
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Funny street art on train tracks 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Funny street art on train tracks
Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo decided to get a new playground for his art: train tracks. He uses the tracks as a grid and integrates it into bigger-than-life artworks. You can check out more of his great art on his
Read More 71 Hits 0 Ratings
Visual identity for FYI Network 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Visual identity for FYI Network
The TV channel FYI Network recently commissionned Sasha Vinogradova to design their visual identity. The graphic designer played with the 3 letters of the brand’s name and dressed it in 3D. Prints for new shows focus on
Read More 74 Hits 0 Ratings
Spectacular illustrated posters by Ken Taylor 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Spectacular illustrated posters by Ken Taylor
Based in Melbourne, Ken Taylor is an illustrator and designer who made himself a name in the music industry. His work that got my attention is the illustrated posters for movies. I really wish some movies would have so cool
Read More 72 Hits 0 Ratings
4 ways to extract images from PDF files 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
4 ways to extract images from PDF files
When you get a PDF file and need to get the images included in it, here is how to extract images from PDF easily. We’ll look at several ways to do it, with paid or free software. Extract images from PDF online If your
Read More 71 Hits 0 Ratings
10 free paint Photoshop textures packs 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
10 free paint Photoshop textures packs
A texture is the basic fundament which a designer must know in order to build a reliable basement for the attractive design work. The core task with the texture is to find the most appropriate way to combine colors and visual
Read More 70 Hits 0 Ratings
Upgrade your gaming empire: 10 best games WordPress themes 28 July 2014, 20.03 Green Architecture
Upgrade your gaming empire: 10 best games WordPress themes
Games create a second reality. They can turn a common office worker into a daemon-slayer or car races. They can make you a hero of a story worth reading, or let you communicate in the environment that never existed on Earth.
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TRMTAB Weaves Leather Waste Into Upcycled Laptop, Tablet Sleeves
RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: PACT Unveils Fair-Trade-Certified, Organic-Cotton Clothing Line Retrend Alert TRMTAB Weaves Leather Waste Into Upcycled Laptop, Tablet Sleeves by Lori Zimmer , 07/28/14   filed under: Eco-Friendly
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Technology News Reports

SOM’s West Palm Beach Concourse is the Third Station for All Aboard Florida’s Rail Network
Share on TumblrEmail The new West Palm Beach station for the All Aboard Florida rail network will be located on a 2.5 acre site in the heart of downtown. SOM and
Read More 155 Hits 0 Ratings
Chicago Approves Plan for Urban Agriculture Eco-District to Revitalize Southside Neighborhoods
Share on TumblrEmail Chicago’s Englewood, Washington Park and Woodlawn neighborhoods were once home to a thriving street life, centered around bustling
Read More 90 Hits 0 Ratings
Maintenance-Free Priority Bicycles Make Cycling Even Easier
Share on TumblrEmail It may be difficult to imagine a bicycle that doesn’t need regular adjustments and tune-ups to keep riding smoothly, but the folks who created Priority Bicycles have created just that.
Read More 87 Hits 0 Ratings
Housetrike Bike Camper is a Tiny Shelter on Wheels That Empowers the Homeless
Share on TumblrEmail The Housetrike is essentially a bike equipped with a small front-loaded camper that slides open and serves as a warm and comfortable bed
Read More 127 Hits 0 Ratings
Atlanta’s ‘Emerald Necklace’ Beltline Was a Grad Student’s Dream in 1999 and is Now a Reality
Share on TumblrEmail Gravel always wondered about the abandoned railroad tracks he’d seen in some of the city’s older neighborhoods. Further investigation
Read More 39 Hits 0 Ratings
Tesla’s $35,000 Model III Electric Car is Coming in 2017 With a 200-Mile Range
Share on TumblrEmail Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the automaker’s latest sedan will be called the Model III when it goes on sale in 2017. Both cheaper and smaller than the Model S, the Tesla
Read More 128 Hits 0 Ratings
A Laboratory for Rare Cells Sheds Light on Cancer
A way of capturing cancer cells from the bloodstream opens a new front in personal cancer treatment. By Antonio Regalado on July 10, 2014 Dangerous mix: Tumor cells collected from the bloodstream of a woman with breast
Read More 27 Hits 0 Ratings
Low-Power Color Displays 15 July 2014, 20.32 Tech
Low-Power Color Displays
Oxford University researchers demonstrate that materials used in DVDs could make color displays that don’t sap power. By Kevin Bullis on July 9, 2014 Power saver: Researchers are hoping the type of phase-change material
Read More 27 Hits 0 Ratings
Beijing Wants to Understand Its Smog 15 July 2014, 20.32 Tech
Beijing Wants to Understand Its Smog
New effort would pinpoint the source, type, and dispersal patterns of smog across Beijing to drive street-level predictions and targeted remediation. By David Talbot on July 8, 2014 Smog check: Smog in Beijing has grown
Read More 18 Hits 0 Ratings
How to Clean the Gas and Oil Industries’ Most Contaminated Water
A new process can cheaply clean extremely briny water coming up from oil wells. By David Talbot on July 7, 2014 Water works: This water treatment plant in Midland, Texas, will soon treat 500,000 gallons of oilfield waste
Read More 23 Hits 0 Ratings
Travel App Can Recommend Places by Looking at Them
Software that counts dogs, martini glasses, and mustaches in Instagram photos provides a novel way to rate businesses. By Caleb Garling on July 14, 2014 Food finder: Jetpac works out good places to eat by extracting data
Read More 23 Hits 0 Ratings
Israeli Rocket Defense System Is Failing at Crucial Task, Expert Analysts Say
Although it appears to hit incoming Hamas rockets, Israel’s system could be falling short of detonating the rockets’ warheads. By David Talbot on July 10, 2014 Flawed technology: Analysts question whether Israel’s
Read More 36 Hits 0 Ratings
Fighter planes which split in two like 'Transformers' and self-healing aircraft are set to revolutionise air warfare by 2040
The Transformer aircraft is seen as massive advance in military technology as the jet divides into several parts performing different roles once reaching the objective Once completed, the jets can reform creating a
Read More 133 Hits 0 Ratings
Qualcomm to boost wireless performance to gigabit levels with Wilocity acquisition
Qualcomm announced today that it will acquire 60GHz WiFi company Wilocity and incorporate the design firm’s products into its own SoC lineup. Wilocity has demonstrated 60GHz WiFi before and previously partnered with
Read More 37 Hits 0 Ratings
Report: Comcast’s public Xfinity WiFi program actually costs you money
Last year, Comcast announced that it would begin rolling out a WiFi program that uses customer hardware to throw a wide public net. While it’s free to Comcast’s own Xfinity subscribers, everyone else is expected to pay
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Anger mounts over Facebook’s news feed experiment, company denies wrongdoing
Over the last few years, Facebook has taken an increasing interest in manipulating how its users interact with the site. It limited the reach of advertisers and groups, defaults to a “Top Stories,” rather than “Most
Read More 44 Hits 0 Ratings
This Universal Bike Can Be Adjusted to Fit Any Body 06 July 2014, 22.32 Transportation
This Universal Bike Can Be Adjusted to Fit Any Body
Share on TumblrEmail A bicycle that fits your body properly is an absolute pleasure to ride, but many people just don’t buy the bike that’s right for them. Alternately, they’ll buy one that’s right
Read More 268 Hits 0 Ratings
Will The World Cup Bring More Visibility to the Greenest City In The World?
Share on TumblrEmail Curitiba’s green initiatives originated in the 1960s with its mayor, Jaime Lerner, who famously said, “This city is not for cars,” well
Read More 233 Hits 0 Ratings
Trouble-free Funnell Backpack Ejects a Waterproof Jacket to Protect Cyclists from the Rain
Share on TumblrEmail Cycling is one of the most fun ways to get around a city, but getting drenched in an unexpected downpour can put a damper on anyone’s day. Enter Funnell, a backpack with a waterproof
Read More 225 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Capital backs Hadoop challenger MapR
In the growing world of Hadoop--the open source big data technology that can store, process and analyze large sets of data across clusters of computers--much of the conversation (and media coverage) has revolved around
Read More 31 Hits 0 Ratings
Supercooling organs buys time for transplants
A new slow-cooling technique makes it possible to transplant a donated liver that's been outside the body for four days. Right now, the limits of human organ storage are about six to 12 hours, maybe up to 24 hours in some
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Copenhagen's new bikeshare system has on-board tablets
Copenhagen is regularly near the top of lists touting the best cities for biking in the world. Now the city has a bikeshare system to match its sterling cycling reputation. High-tech doesn't often come to mind when talking
Read More 111 Hits 0 Ratings
5 Ways to Forget How Bad Transformers: Age of Extinction Is
Hasbro By now, you’ve survived the Age of Extinction and once again succumbed to the lure of those Robots in Disguise, despite the presence of Mark Wahlberg and excitable directorial presence of Michael Bay. But where do
Read More 46 Hits 0 Ratings
Vintage Pesticide Paraphernalia From the Glory Days of DDT
Cedar wallpaper impregnated with DDT. Photo: Jared Soares/WIRED Cedar wallpaper impregnated with DDT. Photo: Jared Soares/WIRED DDT-impregnated wallpaper with images of Donald Duck and Pluto (or Jack and Jill)
Read More 49 Hits 0 Ratings
Grueling 39K-Mile Yacht Race Tests the Sanity of Cramped Crews
Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget/Team Alvimedica Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget/Team Alvimedica Photo: Tim Moynihan Photo: Volvo Ocean Race Photo: Daniel Forster/Team Alvimedica Photo: Daniel Forster/Team
Read More 32 Hits 0 Ratings
See Outtakes From Some of History’s Most Iconic Photos
Magnum's contact sheet exhibition places famous photographs next to the contact sheets they were chosen from by the photographers and their editors. Photos by Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos Magnum's contact sheet
Read More 38 Hits 0 Ratings
A Mod That Adds Co-Op Capabilities to Your StarCraft Campaign
When it comes to real-time strategy games, there are usually two main gameplay modes: the single-player campaign, where you play through a series of missions and experience the game’s story, and the multiplayer, where you
Read More 37 Hits 0 Ratings
A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Library That Offers Books and Booze
The folks at the Long Now Foundation think deep thoughts about humanity’s future—their to-do list includes building a clock that’ll keep time for 10,000 years. But in the meantime they’ve built something more practical:
Read More 49 Hits 0 Ratings
Will 60fps YouTube videos force game developers to prioritize frame rate?
This week, Google announced that 48fps and 60fps video playback will be available on YouTube sometime in the next few months. Most video is still shot at 24 or 30 frames per second, but there is a growing demand for high
Read More 43 Hits 0 Ratings
Has Google lost the plot again at I/O 2014, or is there a method in the madness?
Back in 2011, Google’s incoming CEO Larry Page promised to put “more wood behind fewer arrows.” Since then, Google has made good on the promise and proceeded to shut down a large number of products (Reader, iGoogle,
Read More 45 Hits 0 Ratings
Android ‘L’, Android smartwatches, Android Auto, and Android TV announced at Google I/O
Updated @ 2:40pm That’s it — the keynote is over. This incredibly long event took us from the Android “L” release to Android Auto to Android TV. We saw smartwatches, smart TVs, and a brand new UI on the stage. There
Read More 40 Hits 0 Ratings
US Supreme Court rules against Aereo, eviscerates the company’s business model
The Supreme Court ruled today that Aereo’s business model, which uses hundreds of tiny antennas to transmit individual streams of television to specific users, is illegal and violates the Copyright Act of 1976. Aereo’s
Read More 49 Hits 0 Ratings
How to watch hacking, and cyberwarfare between the USA and China, in real time
You’ve no doubt heard countless stories about how the internet is rife with hackers and ruled by malware-peddling malcontents. You’ve probably read dozens of paragraphs on how the next great theater of war will
Read More 44 Hits 0 Ratings
Sony pushes 4K TV at the World Cup, even though there’s nothing to watch – and no Blu-rays, cables, or bandwidth for 4K
At the 2014 World Cup, the weirdest thing isn’t that USA is doing better than England, but that 4K TV is being pushed surprisingly hard. As I watched USA versus Portugal last night, one of the main ads around the edge of
Read More 32 Hits 0 Ratings
Issue 21 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
Issue 21
© CBS Interactive. All rights reserved.A ZDNet Web site | Visit other CBS Interactive sites: This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service — if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site,
Read More 32 Hits 0 Ratings
Q&A: How the mythology of big data can blind us
Kate Crawford has an unusual talent. She demystifies big data so effectively she finds herself flown around the world to do just that. But there's a catch. Just when you think you understand how big data works, she throws a
Read More 41 Hits 0 Ratings
Google begins removing search results in Europe
In May, the European Union's highest court ruled that individuals have the "right to be forgotten," meaning that anyone in the E.U. could request that Google remove links that appear when you Google search for that person. On
Read More 39 Hits 0 Ratings
World’s First Glow-in-the-Dark Road Promises a Brighter, More Energy-Efficient Future
Share on TumblrEmail Recently, prolific Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and civil engineering firm Heijmans nabbed headlines by installing the world’s first glow-in-the-dark road in the
Read More 240 Hits 0 Ratings
SkyTran to Build Futuristic Maglev ‘Hover Monorail’ in Israel
Share on TumblrEmail SkyTran Inc. and Israel Aerospace Industries just signed an agreement to build a high-speed, levitating, energy-efficient transportation system at the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)
Read More 185 Hits 0 Ratings
Aquarius USV: Eco Marine Power Unveils Solar-Electric Hybrid Vessel for the High Seas
[WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content]Eco Marine Power (EMP) is dedicated to developing energy-efficient marine vessels, and they just unveiled their latest ship design - the Aquarius Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).
Read More 203 Hits 0 Ratings
Malware on the Move 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
Malware on the Move
Already a Magazine subscriber? You're automatically an Insider. It's easy to activate or upgrade your account. Activate Your Account Become an Insider It's the new way to subscribe. Get even more of the tech news, research,
Read More 22 Hits 0 Ratings
The Importance of Feelings 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
The Importance of Feelings
For decades, biologists spurned emotion and feeling as uninteresting. But Antonio Damasio demonstrated that they were central to the life-regulating processes of almost all living creatures. Damasio’s essential insight is
Read More 29 Hits 0 Ratings
Searching for the "Free Will" Neuron 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
Searching for the "Free Will" Neuron
It was an expedition seeking something never caught before: a single human neuron lighting up to create an urge, albeit for the minor task of moving an index finger, before the subject was even aware of feeling anything.
Read More 30 Hits 0 Ratings
The Cross-Section of Memory 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
The Cross-Section of Memory
Neuroscientists at MIT’s Picower Institute have demonstrated that optogenetics can be used to place false memories in the brains of lab rodents. By Sam Wotipka, Emma Sconyers, and Lindsay Brownell on June 17,
Read More 24 Hits 0 Ratings
Weed’s Chronic Energy Use Becomes a Concern
Researchers are discovering ways to grow marijuana more efficiently. By Kevin Bullis on June 27, 2014 The legalization of marijuana in some U.S. states has energy providers worrying that a boom in indoor growing could put
Read More 19 Hits 0 Ratings
The Thought Experiment 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
The Thought Experiment
I was about 15 minutes late for my first phone call with Jan Scheuermann. When I tried to apologize for keeping her waiting, she stopped me. “I wasn’t just sitting around waiting for you, you know,” she said, before
Read More 31 Hits 0 Ratings
Tech Time Warp of the Week: 50 Years Ago, IBM Unleashed the Room-Sized iPhone
That massive computer in the latest season of Mad Men is the real thing. The machine that takes up a whole room in the fictional 1960s ad agency at the heart of the critically acclaimed TV series—and leads ad man Michael
Read More 30 Hits 0 Ratings
Angular Size of a Soccer Goal 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
Angular Size of a Soccer Goal
When I watch the World Cup, I always think about set pieces. This is when the ball is placed at a certain spot and a team is allowed to then kick the ball (called a free direct kick). If this kick occurs near the goal, the
Read More 22 Hits 0 Ratings
Outlander TV Adaptation Won’t Shy Away From Spanking
Elenna Loughlin Diana Gabaldon is the author of the wildly popular Outlander series, which tells the story of Claire Randall, a World War II-era nurse who finds herself transported to 18th-century Scotland, where she falls
Read More 23 Hits 0 Ratings
Gadget Lab Podcast: Android All Over 27 June 2014, 16.43 Tech
Gadget Lab Podcast: Android All Over
So Googly Ariel Zambelich/WIRED Lots of big announcements from Google this week. During the keynote speech of its I/O developer conference, the company laid out its broad, forward-looking plan for the future of the Android
Read More 20 Hits 0 Ratings
U.S. Says It Spied on 89,000 Targets Last Year, But the Number Is Deceptive
Getty About 89,000 foreigners or organizations were targeted for spying under a U.S. surveillance order last year, according to a new transparency report. The report was released for the first time Friday by the Office of
Read More 22 Hits 0 Ratings
Apple Kills Aperture, Says New ‘Photos’ App Will Replace It
Apple introduces OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014. Photo: Apple Heavy-duty photo-editing Mac users may not be happy this morning. Apple told news website The Loop that it has decided to abandon Aperture, its professional
Read More 19 Hits 0 Ratings
Hacker hijacks thousands of Synology storage devices, forces them to mine 500 million Dogecoins
If you have a device that connects to the internet on a regular basis, patch it. That’s the big-picture takeaway from today’s news of a hacker who convinced Synology DiskStations (a type of network-attached storage
Read More 70 Hits 0 Ratings
What is 802.11ax WiFi, and do you really need a 10Gbps connection to your laptop?
If you thought that your new 802.11ac router’s max speed of 1,300Mbps was pretty crazy, think again: With 802.11ac fully certified and out the door, the Wi-Fi Alliance has started looking at its successor, 802.11ax —
Read More 57 Hits 0 Ratings
Creative Cloud and Photoshop 2014: Adobe piles on the goodies for photographers
Adobe is continuing its full-court press to convince photographers to move to its Creative Cloud subscription-based licensing model. Today’s announcement of Creative Cloud 2014 marks its biggest effort yet. New features in
Read More 69 Hits 0 Ratings
Adobe Ink stylus and Slide ruler aim to replace your sketch pad with an iPad (video)
Adobe has long dominated the business of providing software tools for creative professionals — but it has always shied away from hardware. Today that changes with the roll-out of two new accessories designed to play into
Read More 59 Hits 0 Ratings
Europe and South Korea unite to standardize 5G, even though true 4G still isn’t available
Europe, perhaps a little bit embarrassed about being so far behind the US’s deployment of 4G LTE, has announced that it will work together with South Korea to develop the next-gen 5G standard. Both the EU and South Korea
Read More 62 Hits 0 Ratings
T-Mobile Un-carrier 5 and 6: Free iPhone loans, VoLTE, and unmetered music
On Tuesday evening, T-Mobile held its Un-carrier event in Seattle and streamed it live to the public. To everyone’s surprise, T-Mobile launched two initiatives: free 7-day test drives with the iPhone 5S, and unmetered music
Read More 70 Hits 0 Ratings
How to beam energy to wireless, batteryless pacemakers
Engineers have found a safe way to wirelessly transfer energy to medical implants in the body. They used it to power a tiny batteryless pacemaker that's about the size of a grain of rice. And so far it works! In rabbits for
Read More 55 Hits 0 Ratings
Your next flight could be revolutionizing weather forecasting
Twice a day the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) releases weather balloons at 102 sites throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Pacific. The data these balloons collect help meteorologists
Read More 52 Hits 0 Ratings
Harley-Davidson Unveils Its Very First Electric Motorcycle
Share on TumblrEmail Electric vehicles are known for being whisper quiet, but that wouldn’t be right with a Harley-Davidson chopper. In place of gas explosions
Read More 357 Hits 0 Ratings
Cannondale’s Chainless CERV Concept Bike Transforms as You Ride It!
Share on TumblrEmail Priority Designs and Cannondale have joined forces to create a cutting-edge concept bike that transforms to change shape as you ride it! Known as the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle
Read More 291 Hits 0 Ratings
A Flying Car that Takes You Sightseeing: Is This the Future of Transportation?
Share on TumblrEmail Created by design team Akki Reddy Challa, Fabien Chancel, and Michael Harboun, The Aeon Project takes on the challenge of melding
Read More 338 Hits 0 Ratings
Shining Light on Madness 21 June 2014, 18.59 Tech
Shining Light on Madness
At Novartis’s research lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a large incubator-like piece of equipment is helping give birth to a new era of psychiatric drug discovery. Inside it, bathed in soft light, lab plates hold living
Read More 43 Hits 0 Ratings
Cracking the Brain’s Codes 21 June 2014, 18.59 Tech
Cracking the Brain’s Codes
In What Is Life? (1944), one of the fundamental questions the physicist Erwin Schrödinger posed was whether there was some sort of “hereditary code-script” embedded in chromosomes. A decade later, Crick and Watson
Read More 44 Hits 0 Ratings
A Search Engine for the Era of Apps 21 June 2014, 18.59 Tech
A Search Engine for the Era of Apps
A new kind of search engine will make it possible to search inside the apps on your phone. By Tom Simonite on June 15, 2014 Once upon a time there was the Web, a vast universe of information and services that were tangled
Read More 48 Hits 0 Ratings
Eavesdropping on Neurons 21 June 2014, 18.59 Tech
Eavesdropping on Neurons
A new automated version of one of neuroscience’s most important techniques, patch clamping, makes it much easier and faster for scientists to tap into the inner workings of brain cells. By Alix Morris, Jenny Rood, and Abi
Read More 41 Hits 0 Ratings
Neuroscience’s New Toolbox 21 June 2014, 18.59 Tech
Neuroscience’s New Toolbox
The hypothalamus is a small structure deep in the brain that, among other functions, coördinates sensory inputs—the appearance of a rival, for example—with instinctual behavioral responses. Back in the 1920s, Walter
Read More 50 Hits 0 Ratings
The Promise and Perils of Manipulating Memory
When it comes to the study of memory, we might be living in something of a golden age. Researchers are exploring provocative questions about what memory fundamentally is—and how it might be manipulated. Some scientists are
Read More 46 Hits 0 Ratings

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Wood-crafted War of 1812 Chess Set embodies the great war in history PDF Print E-mail
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Articles | Energy Future

The famous War of 1812 is extremely significant in the history of the United States and the Britain. But what does it has to do with a chess set? The crazy Etsy designer Jim Arnolds has shaped a huge chess set representing the war. Named the War of 1812 Chess Set, it is a handicraft custom designed wooden chess set with a large chessboard that boards the U.S. navy ship the Constitution versus the U.K’s Guerierre at both ends.

War of 1812 Chess Set

War of 1812 Chess Set

The chess set is made of solid maple and walnut trees. The board alone has a huge weight of 50 pounds and it stretches 36 square inches. There is a small re-enactment of the U.S’ first sea victory on top of the quadrilateral map of chess set. All parts and elements of the chess set that has guarding cannons at its four ends are meant to recollect the memory of the historic war.

Picture Gallery

War of 1812 Chess Set

Carved from solid walnut and maple, the chess board alone weighs 50 pounds, and spans 36 square inches.

Each chessman on the board represents the war of 1812 in interesting ways. The kings represent the ship captains, queens the lieutenants, bishops the mid-shipmen, the knights the gunners’ mates, rooks the cannon balls and pawns the deck side cannons. Well, all pieces are there with authentic representations of ancient period’s uniforms and war robes.

Of course, there will be nothing like this chess set anywhere. Jim Arnolds sells the massive War of 1812 Chess set for a whopping price of $3,800. The designer has been specialized in developing the most unique and handcraft wood-based designs. This War of 1812 Chess Set will be a feather in the cap of the famous designer.

Via: Dudeiwantthat


Computer News Reports

Insteon's Cortana integration will let Windows Phone users talk to their house
From the Fire TV’s excellent voice search feature to muttering “OK Google” into your Android Wear smartwatch, voice control is a big trend in tech today. Insteon is listening, and on Wednesday the home automation
Read More 174 Hits 0 Ratings
SSL Blacklist project exposes certificates used by malware
Botnet tracking outfit has launched a project to list SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates used by some malware programs to hide their communications. A large number of Web services have added support for SSL
Read More 174 Hits 0 Ratings
BlackBerry has a digital assistant, too 15 July 2014, 20.32 Computers
BlackBerry has a digital assistant, too
BlackBerry There's a new member of the digital assistant club: the BlackBerry Assistant, which will debut on the new square BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry Assistant will join Apple's Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft's
Read More 152 Hits 0 Ratings
Apple agrees to pay up to $400 million in e-books price-fixing case
Apple has reached a settlement in a long-standing case that accused the company of fixing the price on ebooks, with the company paying up to US$400 million, depending on the outcome of its appeal in the case, a law firm
Read More 171 Hits 0 Ratings
Swedish judge upholds detention order for Assange
A Stockholm District Court judge ruled on Wednesday that the Swedish detention order against WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, issued on allegations of sexual assault, will remain in force. Assange had asked the
Read More 136 Hits 0 Ratings
Microsoft's Nadella preaches productivity to partners
Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella outlined his new vision for productivity Wednesday in front of thousands of the company’s partners, pledging to make the Microsoft ecosystem as pervasive as possible. However,
Read More 143 Hits 0 Ratings
Intel will make chips for Panasonic's audiovisual systems
Panasonic’s upcoming TVs, stereos and other audiovisual equipment will run on higher performing, more power-efficient chips made by Intel. Intel signed an agreement with Panasonic to make next-generation system-on-chips
Read More 172 Hits 0 Ratings
IDC: Apps will drive public cloud spending to sustained double-digit growth
Global spending on public cloud services reached US$45.7 billion last year and will experience a 23 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018, according to analyst firm IDC. Some 86 percent of the 2013 total came
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US open to discussion about German accused of being a double agent
U.S. officials are open to a discussion with their German counterparts after an employee with Germany’s intelligence agency was arrested for allegedly acting as a double agent for the U.S. U.S. officials are “happy”
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Judge makes Avaya give access to maintenance commands on some PBXes
Avaya must give its customers access to maintenance software for some enterprise phone switches so they can service the systems themselves or hire a third party to work on them, a federal judge has ruled. The June 30
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How to use your Android tablet as a second laptop screen
There’s no denying that multiple monitors is a boost to productivity. It’s convenient, and lets you keep an eye on more windows at once, so none of those important interruptions go unanswered. But in an age of ubiquitous
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Google adds 13 more languages to Gmail 06 July 2014, 22.30 Computers
Google adds 13 more languages to Gmail
Google has added 13 languages to Gmail’s interface to now cover 94 percent of the world’s Internet population, the company said Monday. Previously available in 58 languages, the total is now 71, with the addition of
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California removes ban on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other alternative currencies
A new California law removes a ban on using currencies other than the U.S. dollar, which is intended to accommodate the growing use of alternative payment methods such as bitcoin. The law, signed by state Governor Jerry
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Europe cuts roaming charges, plans to eliminate them by end of next year
More European mobile operators should offer free international roaming, following the example set by U.S. operator T-Mobile, a European Commission vice president said Monday. After enforcing a series of reductions in voice
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Flash storage faces challenge from Crossbar's RRAM
The hunt for memory technology to replace NAND flash storage within the next 10 years is under way, and startup Crossbar is planning to bringing its version of RRAM (resistive random-access memory) technology to market
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What you missed at CE Week 29 June 2014, 15.19 Computers
What you missed at CE Week
It may have gotten overshadowed by all the hoopla surrounding Google I/O and its multitude of announcements last week, but there was another big tech event happening across the country. At the same time Google was wowing
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Android Wear smartwatches: Specs, prices and launch dates for all known models
image: Jon Phillips Android Wear is here, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of the smartwatch action. Heck, even Fossil is listed as an Android Wear partner (though we haven’t heard any rumors that point to an
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The tablet’s tortured past: 8 failures that led to the slates we use today
Tablet computing has a long and tortured evolution. We can trace its roots all the way back to 1915. That's when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a patent for a handwriting recognition system of sorts. In 1956,
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MonkeyParking says SF shut-down demand is bananas
MonkeyParking is not going away, even though the San Francisco city attorney earlier this week ordered that the public parking app be shut down. The cease-and-desist demand from the city attorney should not apply because
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Google talks about the Android L design and all the work that goes into making it great
One major theme resonated throughout this year’s Google I/O: the company is renewing its focus on improving Android’s interface—not just for phones and tablets, but across all Android-powered devices.  Android L is
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8 ways the password is dying 27 June 2014, 16.43 Computers
8 ways the password is dying
Google's massive I/O conference was chock full of trends and portents, but one of the most intriguing messages to trickle out of the show was far more subtle than the Android-everywhere blitz: Google is finally making good on
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How to install the Android L developer preview on your Nexus 5 or Nexus 7
By now, you might already know a thing or nine about Android L, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. You may also know that developer previews for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) are now available to
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With components, Google agitates for a revolution in Web development
At the Google I/O conference this week, the company vigorously lobbied developers to adopt a new programming model, one that could, the company asserted, make it radically easier to build Web applications. In multiple
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Wall Street Beat: GoPro continues to soar after IPO as Nasdaq surges
Shares of action-camera maker GoPro shot up again Friday, a day after its IPO, riding on the rise of tech stocks and continuing confidence in IT. GoPro shares jumped 30 percent from its opening price Thursday on the
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Joomla! Specific Links
Joomla! Specific LinksA selection of links that are all related to the Joomla! Project.
YouTube Unveils New Features For Content Creators | Studio App, Crowdfunding, 60fps
YouTube would be nothing without content, and original content, no less. And the people who create that original content need as many tools at their disposal as possible. YouTube has delivered a new set of features to content
Read More 0 Comments 238 Hits 0 Ratings
Netflix Expands Into Mainland Europe: Streaming Video In France, Germany, Austria
Netflix is officially expanding into mainland Europe, announcing its intentions to launch in six more countries by the end of 2014. In doing so, it faces several new challenges in France, Germany, Austria, and others. Strong
Read More 0 Comments 463 Hits 0 Ratings
Watch Penny Dreadful Online | Season 1 Full Episodes Video Streaming & Torrent Search
Penny Dreadful Synopsis Penny Dreadful is a horror drama television series produced by Showtime that premiered in April of 2014. Created by John Logan Penny Dreadful combines some of the most horrifying characters from
Read More 0 Comments 382 Hits 0 Ratings
Microsoft Reveals Xbox Originals | Halo TV Show Amongst Content In Development
Microsoft has long held ambitious plans to turn its games console into a media hub delivering masses of content of all kinds into people’s living rooms. With Xbox Originals, it may be on its way to realizing this dream.
Read More 0 Comments 559 Hits 0 Ratings
Yahoo Wants To Beat YouTube | Coaxing YouTube Stars With Advertising Revenues
YouTube is one of the tentpoles of the Web at this point in time, being a household name and one of the most-visited sites on the Internet. And yet Yahoo is reportedly planning to compete with YouTube by launching its own
Read More 0 Comments 460 Hits 0 Ratings
Google & Viacom Settle YouTube Fight | Seven-Year Copyright Lawsuit Ends Amicably
Google and Viacom have finally resolved the long-running lawsuit over videos uploaded to YouTube almost a decade ago. The terms of the out-of-court settlement aren’t being disclosed but we’re just pleased this
Read More 0 Comments 551 Hits 0 Ratings
The BBC Unveils New-Look iPlayer | A Responsive HTML5 Design Brings It Up To Date
The BBC has unveiled the new iPlayer, and its free catch-up television service has undergone several big changes. The biggest being an HTML5-powered responsive design driving the whole effort. The New iPlayer The BBC has
Read More 0 Comments 452 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Ordered To Remove ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Over Actress’ Copyright Claims
An appeals court has ordered Google to remove a controversial short film from YouTube after an actress who appeared in Innocence Of Muslims filed a copyright claim. The decision seems to go against existing thinking on
Read More 0 Comments 1018 Hits 1 Rating
LoveFilm Becomes Amazon Prime Instant Video In The UK, With £79 Adding A Raft Of Extras
LoveFilm is no more, being rebranded as Amazon Prime Instant Video and being folded into the existing Amazon Prime service. Most people will have to pay more money for the service, but the £79-per-year asking price buys you
Read More 0 Comments 1007 Hits 0 Ratings
Netflix News Roundup: Subscriber Numbers, Pricing Tiers, Net Neutrality Statement
Netflix has had a big news week, with various stories emerging from and about the streaming video company. This includes revenue and subscriber numbers, plans for new pricing tiers and an expansion into Europe, and a statement
Read More 0 Comments 1696 Hits 0 Ratings
What The Net Neutrality Ruling Means For Online Video 18 January 2014, 22.47 4G Voice, Video, & Data
What The Net Neutrality Ruling Means For Online Video
A recent decision by an appeals court in Washington to chuck out net neutrality rules could have dire consequences for everyone using the Internet. Including those who both deliver and consume online video. Net Neutrality
Read More 0 Comments 1509 Hits 0 Ratings
Vdio Is Dead | Rdio Shutters Video Service 28 December 2013, 22.35 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Vdio Is Dead | Rdio Shutters Video Service
Vdio is no more, with parent company Rdio deciding to shutter the online video service. The reasons for the closure remain unclear, but it seems that there just wasn’t room for Vdio in an already-crowded market. It didn’t
Read More 0 Comments 2477 Hits 0 Ratings
YouTube’s Content ID Crackdown On Let’s Play Videos Draws Ire From Gamers & Developers
YouTube’s recent crackdown on Let’s Play videos, with an aggressive new Content ID update, has left a bad taste in the mouths of everyone involved. Except the companies making money from videos they really had no business
Read More 0 Comments 2802 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Fights Back After YouTube Comments Spam Increased | Google+ Integration Staying
Google has finally addressed the issues affecting the new YouTube comments system, controversially rolled out earlier this month. Unfortunately, while small changes are being made to plaster over the cracks, the elephant in
Read More 0 Comments 2636 Hits 0 Ratings
YouTube Changes Comments System To Google+, Even Jawed Karim Complains 10 November 2013, 00.35 4G Voice, Video, & Data
YouTube Changes Comments System To Google+, Even Jawed Karim Complains
Google has rolled out the new YouTube comments system, which is designed to stop the absurd levels of spam and trolling which have plagued the site in recent years. Unfortunately the new system requires Google+ integration,
Read More 0 Comments 3379 Hits 0 Ratings
File contained a virus and was deleted 02 November 2013, 22.56 4G Voice, Video, & Data
File contained a virus and was deleted
I had a client that was recently getting this message.  If you are getting it, the cause can be a misconfiguration or worse. The result can sometimes be caused by faulty anti virus programs.  Or anti virus programs that were
Read More 0 Comments 3451 Hits 0 Ratings
YouTube Launching Paid Spotify-Like Streaming Music Service Before End Of 2013
Google is set to launch a YouTube music streaming service before the end of 2013, at least if current persistent rumors are to be believed. This service will work the same way as Spotify, with a hefty catalog of music
Read More 0 Comments 3805 Hits 0 Ratings
Is Online Streaming Availability To Blame For Movie Piracy? Research Suggests It Could Be
Do people pirate things because they’re cheap and want to get whatever they can for free? Or is the practice less sinister and more about getting hold of things that aren’t available in the format they favor? These are
Read More 0 Comments 3833 Hits 0 Ratings
Netflix Originals Keeping Subscribers Happy | Original Content Strategy Already Working
Original content looks like being a small but significant part of the future of online television.. It’s certainly an area Netflix, amongst others, has explored, and one which, according to a new report, looks to be working
Read More 0 Comments 4449 Hits 0 Ratings
YouTube Founders Unveil MixBit, A Vine & Instagram Competitor With Hidden Tricks
The mobile video space is becoming more crowded by the day. Following on from Vine and its six seconds of recording simplicity, and Instagram and its 15 seconds of recording simplicity, comes MixBit. Can this new startup
Read More 0 Comments 4615 Hits 0 Ratings
YouTube Opening New Production Studio In New York | Original Content Ramped Up
YouTube is set to continue its efforts to evolve from the home of a disparate collection of funny animal videos into the home of truly talented individuals all creating professional-quality programming. In order to affect this
Read More 0 Comments 5245 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Launches Chromecast, a $35 Dongle That Streams Content From Mobile To TV
Google recently unveiled Chromecast, a $35 dongle that is able to stream content from mobile devices to your television. This is Google’s latest attempt to grab a foothold in the TV industry, which it’s going to need to be
Read More 0 Comments 5330 Hits 0 Ratings
Hulu Owners Decide Not To Sell After All | Fox, NBC, & Disney Reinvest Millions Instead
Hulu has been withdrawn from sale for the second time in its history, with the joint partners once again deciding against accepting the bids that were coming in, just as they did in 2011. Instead, the three partners are
Read More 0 Comments 4927 Hits 0 Ratings
Video on Instagram Arrives To Compete With Vine | Facebook & Twitter Go Head-To-Head
Facebook and Twitter have been at war as competing social networks for a number of years. But the latest battleground between the two is mobile video, with Video on Instagram (owned by Facebook) arriving as a direct response
Read More 0 Comments 4944 Hits 0 Ratings
PalmPad: HP Slate in Palm Clothing? 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
PalmPad: HP Slate in Palm Clothing?
Dec. 21, 2010 - 12:39 PM PDT Dec. 21, 2010 - 12:39 PM PDT Summary: It’s being reporting today that HP/Palm is preparing to release the “PalmPad” next month. The story is accompanied by a diagram showing the PalmPad.
Read More 0 Comments 3718 Hits 0 Ratings
Home Health Monitoring is Big Business 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Home Health Monitoring is Big Business
Dec. 21, 2010 - 7:55 AM PDT Dec. 21, 2010 - 7:55 AM PDTSummary: Remote health monitoring generated €7.6 billion globally in 2010, an amount destined to grow as this nascent area of healthcare is used more heavily in the
Read More 0 Comments 4409 Hits 0 Ratings
Last Minute Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Last Minute Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide
Dec. 20, 2010 - 11:36 AM PDT Dec. 20, 2010 - 11:36 AM PDT The geek in your life is hard enough to find appropriate gifts for the holidays, and this year, once again you waited until the last moment. Never fear, we have scoured
Read More 0 Comments 4387 Hits 0 Ratings
Android This Week: Leveling Off; Fring Calling; LogMeIn 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Android This Week: Leveling Off; Fring Calling; LogMeIn
Dec. 18, 2010 - 6:00 AM PDT Dec. 18, 2010 - 6:00 AM PDTSummary: The growth of Android in the smartphone space has been phenomenal, but recent ad statistics show it may be leveling off. VoIP calling is hot on Android, however,
Read More 0 Comments 4540 Hits 0 Ratings
MobileTechRoundup 226 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
MobileTechRoundup 226
Dec. 17, 2010 - 8:00 AM PDT Dec. 17, 2010 - 8:00 AM PDT Summary: Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover the week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the
Read More 0 Comments 4426 Hits 0 Ratings
Kindle for Android Gets Periodicals, In-App Store 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Kindle for Android Gets Periodicals, In-App Store
Dec. 17, 2010 - 7:08 AM PDT Dec. 17, 2010 - 7:08 AM PDTSummary: Amazon has rolled out a major new version of the Kindle app for Android that adds magazines and newspapers to the standard e-book fare. The app also adds shopping
Read More 0 Comments 4970 Hits 0 Ratings
Samsung ATIV Smart PC 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Samsung ATIV Smart PC
The tablet market is going into hyperdrive.  The announcement of Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market utilization with Windows 8 architecture made a few ripples.  It will be really interesting to see how this plays
Read More 0 Comments 4688 Hits 0 Ratings
Norton Hotspot VPN 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Norton Hotspot VPN
One of the thorniest issues is traveling and maintaining security.  Norton has come up with a nice little VPN package that allows for secure surfing while on open networks. If you have ever been in a hotel, most likely you
Read More 0 Comments 4604 Hits 0 Ratings
Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance WordPress Error 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance WordPress Error
WordPress is awesome until it isn’t.  Knowing you (or not really knowing you – but knowing how most people operate), you probably did the automatic update with no backup. Yep, it’s what most people do.  You
Read More 0 Comments 4564 Hits 0 Ratings
Tactus Amazing Tactile Mobile Buttons 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Tactus Amazing Tactile Mobile Buttons
Touch screens rule the day, but maybe not forever – if Tactus has anything to say about it.  They say the flat, touch screens are boring and they are looking to put some caliente into em. The idea is really simple. 
Read More 0 Comments 4756 Hits 0 Ratings
Has LinkedIn Been Hacked? 17 June 2013, 15.02 4G Voice, Video, & Data
Has LinkedIn Been Hacked?
Well, that is the million dollar question, isn’t it?  I have seen a lot of accusation and rumor going around, but I have yet to see any substantiating evidence. In fact, updating twitters from LinkedIn are saying that
Read More 0 Comments 4395 Hits 0 Ratings
Thoughts On Arrested Development Season 4 & How Netflix Is Changing The Future Of TV
As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Arrested Development is back, with Season 4 made exclusively for Netflix. The whole season is now available for subscribers to stream, and it’s well worth watching. Take my word for it. But
Read More 0 Comments 4042 Hits 0 Ratings
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