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Living News Reports

Vintage Looking Noveltree Bookshelf Ladder Inspired by Classic Libraries
Collect this idea Inspired by classic libraries which often hold towering high shelves to store the vast amount of old literature, the Noveltree by Nieuwe Heren is our star design project for the day. The books that are
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Surprising Modern Deronda Residence Located Just Below the Hollywood Sign
Collect this idea Deronda Residence is an imposing family home located near the apex of Beachwood Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California. According to the architects at Space International, the project
Read More 36 Hits 0 Ratings
Connecting Three Historic Dwellings with a Modern Extension: Inspiring House in Vexin
Collect this idea Recently completed by French architect Jean-Philippe Doré, House in Vexin is an inspiring project that connects three historic homes with a modern extension. One of the main challenges was to renovate
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Hidden Illustrations Revealed Under UV Lighting by Canada’s Newest Passport Designs
Collect this idea For those interested in design and its infinite possibilities, have a look at these Canadian passports and their surprising security feature! Canada’s newest passport designs may look common at a first
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Bright Two-Room Apartment in Sweden Exhibiting an Interesting Modern Layout
Collect this idea Making the most of its central location in the lovely city of Gothemburg, Sweden, this bright and spacious two-room apartment offers extensive surrounding views. Spotted on Alvhem, the crib is located in a
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Doomsday Clock set at 3 minutes to midnight 24 January 2015, 00.25 Living
Doomsday Clock set at 3 minutes to midnight
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists adjusts the clock based on threats to humanity's survival. The world is "3 minutes" from doomsday. That's the grim outlook from board members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
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25 quotes that will rekindle your connection to nature
These wise words from great authors and naturalists provide wonderful material for meditating on wilderness and natural places. Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 10:30 AM Photo: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock Photo: BlueOrange
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Surprise! Fish lurk in Antarctica's dark underworld
The aquatic creatures likely survive on microscopic marine creatures that have been released by melting glacial ice. A fish seen at the Ross Ice Shelf grounding zone beneath nearly 2,500 feet of ice. (Photo: Deep-SCINI UNL
Read More 30 Hits 0 Ratings
8 unforgettable photos of the sun taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory
Celebrating the NASA observatory's 100 millionth image of our favorite star. All photos: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA Over the weekend, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) hit a major milestone. Just under five years
Read More 25 Hits 0 Ratings
See 3 moons of Jupiter perform rare triple transit
Break out the telescopes tonight to see Io, Europa and Callisto crossing the face of Jupiter. An extremely rare event occurs on the night of Jan. 23, 2015, when three of Jupiter’s moons and their shadows cross the face of the
Read More 22 Hits 0 Ratings
Why energy efficiency is the fifth fuel 24 January 2015, 00.25 Living
Why energy efficiency is the fifth fuel
Better technology and more accessible data are helping drive new change. Energy efficiency is the right thing to do. But it is not often thought of as "sexy" in the same way as its cutting-edge clean energy cousins like wind or
Read More 20 Hits 0 Ratings
Friendly Leaning Loop Multi-Purpose Organizer Helps Declutter Your Home
Collect this idea There is something charming about this Leaning Loop organizer envisioned by Jason van der Burg of Urbanworm Design. Inspired by “a small place with a messy problem”, the designer created a
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What French Interiors Can Teach Us About Decorating
Collect this idea There is always a touch of casual grace and eclecticism within French designs. Image Source: Suzann Kletzien It is common knowledge that the French have a special je ne sais quoi when it comes to
Read More 50 Hits 0 Ratings
Re-Framing Family Life in Updated Victorian Terrace House
Collect this idea When re-framing your lifestyle, a new architectural language soon follows. Sometimes it’s adding or subtracting furniture, other times it’s adding and altering the architecture of the home itself. In
Read More 95 Hits 0 Ratings
Elliptical-Shaped Residence in Spain with a Futuristic Character: Balint House
Collect this idea Fran Silvestre Arquitectos completed the design and development of Balint House, a modern elliptical-shaped residence in Valencia, Spain. The volume neighbors a golf course and is placed leaving as
Read More 56 Hits 0 Ratings
Most Expensive Residence in Beverly Hills Purchased by the Creator of Minecraft
Collect this idea Located on a promontory in the high-end Trousdale Estates neighborhood, this bewildering 23,000 square-foot residence is officially the most expensive residence in Beverly Hills. The “1181 N Hillcrest
Read More 61 Hits 0 Ratings
Baby hurricane forms over Lake Erie 08 January 2015, 00.13 Living
Baby hurricane forms over Lake Erie
A rare lake-effect storm eye, similar to the eye of a hurricane, was seen on radar over the Great Lake. Thu, Jan 08, 2015 at 04:14 AM The eye of the baby storm hovering over Lake Erie (Photo: NWS radar) People
Read More 65 Hits 0 Ratings
Albino bottlenose dolphin spotted off Florida coast
Albinism can cause problems for some animals as it increases their chances of sunburn, and their white skin can make it hard to camouflage themselves. The fin of an albino dolphin peaking out from the ocean's waves. (Photo:
Read More 48 Hits 0 Ratings
Do Mars rover photos show signs of fossilized life?
Various features on Mars bear a resemblance to features on Earth, but scientists would need soil samples to understand their origins. A careful study of images taken by the NASA rover Curiosity has revealed intriguing
Read More 65 Hits 0 Ratings
10 new laws for the new year 08 January 2015, 00.13 Living
10 new laws for the new year
From tiger selfies to garbage and recycling rules, here's the most interesting new legislation for 2015. It's a new year, which means all kinds of new laws have taken effect (or will take effect soon) across the county. Here's
Read More 56 Hits 0 Ratings
Off with their heads! Tiny flies decapitate ants for meals
Triggered by the pheromones of a dying ant, flies often arrive while mating and then the female fly will commence with removing the ant's head. A female fly pulling the head off an injured lock-jaw ant. (Photo: Wendy
Read More 70 Hits 0 Ratings
This rare bumble bee is a 'ghost in the making' 08 January 2015, 00.13 Living
This rare bumble bee is a 'ghost in the making'
"Most people don't even know it exists," says conservation photographer Clay Bolt as he searches for one of the rarest bees on the continent in this beautiful short documentary film. Thu, Jan 08, 2015 at 02:07
Read More 44 Hits 0 Ratings
Paper Mill Converted Into Contemporary Loft in Anduze, France
Collect this idea French architectural firm Planet Studio sent us photos and information of the Labahou project, a paper mill the architects converted into a contemporary loft on a budget of €100,000. The 1,830 square
Read More 110 Hits 0 Ratings
Narrow Manhattan Townhouse Parading Vertical Design
Collect this idea Surprising the eye with a contemporary approach to facade design, this eye-catching urban townhouse in New York re-imagines Manhattan’s  typically narrow infill plot. Designed by GLUCK Partners, the
Read More 97 Hits 0 Ratings
Panoramic Dream Home in Lichtenstein Gathering Thrilling Views
Collect this idea The impressive Schaan Residence by k_m architektur sits on a sloping site overlooking the Rhine Valley in Central Europe’s microstate Lichtenstein. “Wohnhaus Schaan” stretches over the hilly
Read More 89 Hits 0 Ratings
Striking Wellness&Bathroom Design Merger: New Spa Suite by Alberto Apostoli
Collect this idea The spa suite designed by Alberto Apostoli captured the attention of visitors to Equip’Hotel 2014, the international event for the hospitality industry in Paris. As ambassador to Italy for architecture,
Read More 157 Hits 0 Ratings
10 Ways To Create Your Own Meditation Room 26 December 2014, 02.50 Living
10 Ways To Create Your Own Meditation Room
Collect this idea Imagine having a room in your home that heals your mind, body and soul? A meditation room will give you a place to participate in daily yoga, chants, and meditation without interruption. Image Source:
Read More 76 Hits 0 Ratings
Meet 2014's top 10 cutest animals in science 26 December 2014, 02.50 Living
Meet 2014's top 10 cutest animals in science
Academic journal Nature is known for publishing serious scientific research, and while it may occasionally feature studies about adorable animals, the publication typically doesn't acknowledge the critters' cuteness. Until
Read More 126 Hits 0 Ratings
World View captures spectacular sunrise with high-altitude balloon
The company hopes to offer space tourists a 'perspective-changing view of our world' by 2016. By: Megan Gannon, SPACE.com Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 11:32 AM This is what sunrise looks like from the perspective of a
Read More 78 Hits 0 Ratings
Active sun unleashes massive solar flare 26 December 2014, 02.50 Living
Active sun unleashes massive solar flare
The X-class solar flare sparked a high-frequency radio blackout over Australia and the South Pacific. By: Tariq Malik, SPACE.com Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 11:00 AM A powerful X1.8-class solar flare erupts from the sun on
Read More 130 Hits 0 Ratings
NASA unveils satellite's 1st CO2 map of Earth 26 December 2014, 02.50 Living
NASA unveils satellite's 1st CO2 map of Earth
Scientists are hoping to compile the most complete picture to date of how carbon dioxide is distributed, both geographically and seasonally. This map, pieced together with data from NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, shows
Read More 83 Hits 0 Ratings
NASA black hole telescope snaps dazzling shot of the sun
The dark matter-seeking spacecraft turned its X-ray vision onto the sun to study nanoflares and the sun's surface temperature. The first image of the sun captured by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), which
Read More 48 Hits 0 Ratings
How to see the Ursid meteor shower peak tonight 26 December 2014, 02.50 Living
How to see the Ursid meteor shower peak tonight
Since the moon just entered a new phase, its light shouldn't detract from watching meteors in the sky. December is usually marked by a series of meteor showers. Geminid meteors (like the one seen in this picture of Florida)
Read More 77 Hits 0 Ratings
Another Dust Bowl? California drought resembles worst in 1,000 years
A high-pressure ridge that blocks rain storms has been present each time California has suffered through an intense drought. By planting crops that lacked drought resistance, farmers during the Dust Bowl encouraged 'black
Read More 223 Hits 0 Ratings
Bear cub rescued from California dumpster 19 October 2014, 22.26 Living
Bear cub rescued from California dumpster
Wildlife officials in Pasadena first had to scare off the cub's mother to perform a safe rescue, but don't worry — there's a happy ending to this story. Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 02:50 PM After a long day in Pasadena,
Read More 215 Hits 0 Ratings
How to safely watch the upcoming partial solar eclipse
Solar eclipses can be dangerous to gaze upon, so make sure you have the correct filters for your telescopes or a viewing box. By: Geoff Gaherty, Starry Night Education for SPACE.com Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 01:43 PM A
Read More 246 Hits 0 Ratings
Terrifying tornado clusters on the rise 19 October 2014, 22.26 Living
Terrifying tornado clusters on the rise
Despite the rise in back-to-back tornado incidences, the annual number of tornadoes has held steady. The intensity of tornadoes may be getting an assist from climate change (Photo: NOAA) Tornadoes are touching down in
Read More 217 Hits 0 Ratings
Bizarre sounds from frozen lake explained 19 October 2014, 22.26 Living
Bizarre sounds from frozen lake explained
The same physics that created the sounds of laser bolts in 'Star Wars' are responsible for the 'pew pew' sound of rocks skipping on an icy lake. Cory Williams reacts to the bizarre sound of a rock hitting a frozen lake. (Photo:
Read More 138 Hits 0 Ratings
El Nino versus the polar vortex: Which will rule winter?
Since a fully formed El Niño is struggling to form, the battle for weather supremacy may be a mild one. Snow on a window in Chicago during the polar vortex in January 2014. Americans can expect a milder winter for the end of
Read More 173 Hits 0 Ratings
Live/Work Conversion Loft in San Francisco With Vaulted Concrete Ceilings
Collect this idea Concrete is not usually associated with a warm and welcoming home. In today’s post, we will try to demonstrate that with proper inspiration and decorating skills, beautiful things can occur. This
Read More 162 Hits 0 Ratings
Handcrafted Origami-Inspired Lampshade Adding a Stylish Touch Where Needed
Collect this idea Portugal-based studio blaanc borderless architecture shared photos and information regarding one of their latest works. Orikomi is a lightweight lampshade, made of high quality paper and carefully
Read More 143 Hits 0 Ratings
Vivid Ambiance Cleverly Achieved in Small Apartment Near Saint Petersburg
Collect this idea Welcome to a cheerful small apartment envisioned by Geometrium and located in Lensovetovskij, a village near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The crib was especially developed for a young couple who requested
Read More 151 Hits 0 Ratings
Intriguing Dear O’ Deer Planter Re-Shaping Perception of Everyday Things
Collect this idea Delhi based duo Re-culture recently presented Dear O’ Deer, an intriguing ceramic planter that works on the juxtaposition of the dead and the living. The plant grows outwards from a ceramic deer skull
Read More 128 Hits 0 Ratings
10 Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes in Interior Design
Collect this idea Have you made a massive decorating mistake without even realizing it? There are a lot of common mistakes to avoid. Image Source: Marcel Page Photography It happens to everyone— you are shopping and
Read More 133 Hits 0 Ratings
Ingenious Modern Makeover Reviving Malay Urban Heritage
Collect this idea With elegance and grace, a modern makeover can bring back the focus on living rather than preserving. And not just any kind of living. Owners of this remarkably renovated Peranakan shophouse in Singapore
Read More 160 Hits 0 Ratings
Your Luffa Sponge Paved the Way to Modern 3D Acoustic Tiles
Collect this idea What do you get when you mix a natural material used in a new way with a conscious choice of saving the eco-system? You get that distinctive feeling of being part of the solution, instead of the
Read More 173 Hits 0 Ratings
Expansive Rotterdam Market Hall Shaped Like A Giant Horse Shoe by MVRDV
Collect this idea From nine o’clock in the morning, until eight o’clock in the evening, the inhabitants of Rotterdam will have a chance to evaluate fresh food and other goodies inside a new massive arch-shaped venue.
Read More 161 Hits 0 Ratings
What is a LEED Certified Home? 08 October 2014, 23.45 Living
What is a LEED Certified Home?
Collect this idea Is a LEED home right for you? Image Source: Jeffers Design Group LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program for green building. There are numerous levels and
Read More 197 Hits 0 Ratings
14 Inspiring Custom-Built Modern Cat Houses Revealed at LA Fundraising Event
Collect this idea All cat lovers out there will be pleased to see sculptural, artistic modern cat houses that not only provide their furry little pets with shelter and climbing fun, but also decorate modern
Read More 100 Hits 0 Ratings
Newfound S. American predator snacked on tiny dinos
The two-legged species is the first predatory dinosaur unearthed in Venezuela. An artist's illustration of the Tachiraptor admirabilis chasing after the herbivorous dinosaur Laquintasaura. A puma-sized predatory dinosaur that
Read More 118 Hits 0 Ratings
'Blood Moon' photos: Total lunar eclipse thrills skywatchers and photographers
The next total lunar eclipse is in April 2015, so you have time to get your cameras ready! The spectacular 'blood moon' total lunar eclipse of Oct. 8 is captured by photographer John W. Johnson of the Omaha Astronomical Society
Read More 102 Hits 0 Ratings
Typhoon Vongfong is 2014's most powerful storm 08 October 2014, 23.44 Living
Typhoon Vongfong is 2014's most powerful storm
Current forecasts have the storm weakening before it reaches Japan, which will be a relief as parts of the country are still recovering from Typhoon Phanfone. By: Becky Oskin, LiveScience Wed, Oct 08, 2014 at 10:48
Read More 135 Hits 1 Rating
Court could decide if chimpanzees are legal persons
Activists seek to have Tommy's 'personhood' declared so as to free him from captivity and place him in a sanctuary that resembles a natural environment. The Nonhuman Rights Project uses scientific studies to argue that
Read More 80 Hits 0 Ratings
Alaska volcano blanketed Europe in ash 1,200 years ago
Mount Churchill ejected just 12 cubic miles of ash, but this ash spread for miles, leading scientists to reconsider the potential effects of even minor eruptions. An image of Mount Churchill in 1948 highlights other,
Read More 70 Hits 0 Ratings
BBC celebrates the 'glory and wonder of nature' 08 October 2014, 23.44 Living
BBC celebrates the 'glory and wonder of nature'
New website pulls together award-winning video, photos and stories and kickstarts the conversation about a topic that never ceases to amaze: Earth. Known worldwide for its spectacular, award-winning nature documentaries like
Read More 92 Hits 0 Ratings
Why You’ll Fall In Love With The Green Architecture Trend
Collect this idea Sustainable architecture is becoming more and more accessible to the residential market. Image Via: Duket Architects Planners A few decades ago, the concept of sustainable architecture was reserved for
Read More 208 Hits 0 Ratings
Scandinavian Apartment Jazzed Up By Industrial Design Elements
Collect this idea We got used to Swedish homes displaying unassuming comfortable decors, with a cheerful vibe throughout. Comparing to what we usually publish, this Scandinavian apartment is downright “irreverent”. It
Read More 181 Hits 0 Ratings
New Wooden House Extending Living Outdoors Salutes Modern Family Life
Collect this idea A new wooden house can invoke the fascination of rural life while compacting all the necessities of a modern family life within a sequence of spaces. Living in the city often means dreaming about a
Read More 156 Hits 0 Ratings
Enchanting Farmhouse Design in the Heart of Texas by Magnolia Homes
Collect this idea Chip and Joanna from Magnolia Homes shared photos of their home with readers worldwide, which is how we found out about this enchanting farmhouse in Texas, United States. After moving from one dwelling to
Read More 191 Hits 0 Ratings
Luminous 3 Bedroom Apartment Flaunting Modern Scandinavian Style
Collect this idea How do you choose your 3 bedroom apartment design? Maybe you fell in love with the modern Scandinavian style and that’s exactly why this apartment will inspire you. Beautifully distributed, the interior
Read More 113 Hits 0 Ratings
Lovely Range of Themed Children’s Beds Mixing Fun, Play and Rest
Collect this idea Balancing fun and rest, these new children’s beds from Danish company Lifetime are a treat. The collection below features special themes ranging from pirates and princesses to Morrocan style materials and
Read More 177 Hits 0 Ratings
Stylish Open-Plan Apartment in Taipei Showcasing Futuristic Design Ideas
Collect this idea This stylish open-plan apartment envisioned and implemented by J.C. Architecture is located in a busy area of ​​the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Tea-Art project is situated on the third floor of a large
Read More 145 Hits 0 Ratings
Stylish Modern Ranch in the Hollywood Hills Exuding a Welcoming Feel
Collect this idea This Modern Ranch in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills is a spacious home with abundant natural light and a great indoor/outdoor feel. Built by Kenihan Development, the residence
Read More 161 Hits 0 Ratings
10 Reasons You Should Use Sustainable Building Materials
Collect this idea Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury. Image Source: Maienza Wilson Do you really know the true definition of sustainability? It is a trendy word that is often tossed about, but the
Read More 233 Hits 0 Ratings
Tastefully Renovated 19th Century Apartment Exuding a Classical Eclectic Style
Collect this idea This former Communist home was renovated by interior designer Judit Koczoh in collaboration with Beck Real Estate Kft to create a beautiful, practical, and energy efficient apartment. There were virtually
Read More 149 Hits 0 Ratings
NASA selects SpaceX and Boeing to launch U.S. astronauts into space
Boeing and SpaceX will be required to go through a rigorous certification process that includes at least one manned demonstration mission to the International Space Station. Artists' illustrations of the the SpaceX Dragon
Read More 138 Hits 0 Ratings
How to take clear photos of a light-polluted Milky Way
It takes a lot of work in post-processing to make our home galaxy appear in some photographs. Spotting the Milky Way on dark, cloudless nights can be a challenge for anyone, but trying to see it through the haze of light
Read More 139 Hits 0 Ratings
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin to build rocket engine for Boeing
Testing for the new engine should begin in 2016, with the first flight due for launch in 2019. Jeff Bezos looks on as a new model of Blue Origin's BE-4 liquid rocket engine is revealed during a press event on Sept. 17. (Photo:
Read More 118 Hits 0 Ratings
Chimpanzees are naturally violent, study suggests 20 September 2014, 19.53 Living
Chimpanzees are naturally violent, study suggests
Aggression is a small part of chimps' lives, but it can provide evolutionary insight into human violence. Violence among chimps had been previously linked to human impacts, such as habitation destruction, but this now appears
Read More 138 Hits 0 Ratings

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Spiritual Life Reports

When you are paralyzed into in-action 20 November 2012, 18.02 Spiritual
When you are paralyzed into in-action
How to put the dynamic of hope into action. You have the same DNA as Gandhi, Václav Havel and Goenawan Mohamad DAVID RICKEY — Hope is a great four-letter word, but it gets lost in the shuffle of our lives if it
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To die for 09 August 2012, 15.37 Spiritual
To die for
Will Baby Boomers choose to expire in hospitals and nursing homes? Or will they take matters into their own hands? BY DAVID RICKEY —  Would you prefer to die on purpose — or with purpose? Late, great writers like Arthur
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Meditation lite 23 May 2012, 18.50 Spiritual
Meditation lite
They say that meditation is sitting on a cushion and emptying your mind. But I do mine while I’m thinking BY DAVID RICKEY  — I know it doesn’t come as a surprise to say that meditation is important for spiritual growth.
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Can an ‘Easter moment’ cure loneliness and fear?
How would you survive the loss if your best friend, mentor or shrink were crucified? You’d have to awaken your own inner guru. DAVID RICKEY — His career was short and ended with his crucifixion. It looked like failure. What
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Decoding codependence 20 March 2012, 01.46 Spiritual
Decoding codependence
If we are all co-dependents now, what is America’s turn-around? * BY DAVID RICKEY — Marriages, mortgages, and just-missed connections. In the annals of clinical psychology, the term “Co-Dependence” describes a
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Haiti, consciousness and charity 20 March 2012, 01.46 Spiritual
Haiti, consciousness and charity
A psychotherapist and Episcopal priest makes healing in Haiti a life – and spiritual – mission BY DAVID RICKEY – Haiti is a fascinating place in its own right, but for me it serves as a kind of microcosm of issues that
Read More 7291 Hits 0 Ratings
What is codependence? 10 March 2012, 17.32 Spiritual
What is codependence?
If we are all co-dependents now, what is America’s turn-around? * BY DAVID RICKEY — Marriages, mortgages, and just-missed connections. In the annals of clinical psychology, the term “Co-Dependence” describes a
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Are we All codependents now? * 07 March 2012, 16.12 Spiritual
Are we All codependents now? *
If America is the most codependent culture on the planet, what is the turn-around? BY DAVID RICKEY — Marriages, mortgages, and just-missed connections. In the annals of clinical psychology, the term “Co-Dependence”
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We are All codependents now * 03 March 2012, 23.44 Spiritual
We are All codependents now *
If America is the most codependent culture on the planet, what is the turn-around? BY DAVID RICKEY — Marriages, mortgages, and just-missed connections. In the annals of clinical psychology, the term “Co-Dependence”
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On Ash Wednesday: Is your life filled by Ego, or Grace?
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down. Ashes on your forehead can begin a reorientation of your heart. BY DAVID RICKEY — In the Judeo-Christian tradition, ashes are a symbol of penitence and mortality. In the Old
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University course on extraterrestrial life goes global PDF Print E-mail
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Articles | Space News

Edinburgh University is set to launch a series of six free online courses in Autumn 2012, one of which is titled: “Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life”. The course involves five lectures to be presented online and will result in a certificate to all that complete it. Edinburgh is teaming up with Princeton and Stanford universities in an effort to make available undergraduate courses to a global audience for free as part of the Coursera consortium. According to Edinburgh University spokesperson, Ranald Leask: “Something like extraterrestrial life comes out of a wide and deep base of knowledge and academic endeavour.” Leask is referring to the progress made by the scientific community in confirming the existence of distant exoplanets and that some of these have the right conditions for hosting life as we know it. Princeton was the first U.S. university to offer a degree in astrobiology. Now thanks to Edinburgh University, astrobiology courses that focus on questions concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life are going global.

Edinburgh’s “Search for Extraterrestrial Life” course will be taught by Professor Charles Cockell who has authored two books on Mars, worked for NASA, and is the current Director for the UK Center for Astrobiology. Cockell’s course will examine questions such as “Is there life on other planetary bodies?” and “How is it distributed throughout the Universe?”

According to Rory Reynolds from the Scotsman:

The first two weeks of the course explore the origins of life and how beings survive in extreme environments, with the focus in the third week moving to the possibility of life being discovered on other planets. The final week includes asking how contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence would be dealt with and what would be the impact on society. It concludes with the question “who would represent Earth?” in the event of first contact.

The course is a direct result in the ongoing discovery of exoplanets, some of which have been confirmed to exist in the habitable region of their suns. This has sparked a number of academic conferences focusing on the social and political impact of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Two were hosted by the Royal Society of London in 2010, and led to much media interest over scientific speculations over the likely motivations of extraterrestrial life. The most notable has been Prof Stephen Hawkings’ view about space faring extraterrestrials being more likely predatory in nature than friendly.

Recent advances in space telescopes have now made it possible to detect alien metropolises on distant worlds. On May 8, 2012, NASA announced: “NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has detected light emanating from a “super-Earth” beyond our solar system for the first time. While the planet is not habitable, the detection is a historic step toward the eventual search for signs of life on other planets.” According to Dario Borghino from Gizmag: “This marks the first time that light has been detected from a planet of such a small size, and the find is telling astrophysicists where to look in their search for signs of life on planets beyond our own.”

The question to be examined in the final week of the Edinburgh Unniversity course, “who would represent Earth” in the case of contact is very significant. It first came to public prominence in 2010 in relation to Dr Mazlan Othman from the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs who was a presenter at the Royal Society astrobiology conference in October 2010. There was much media speculation over a story in the Sunday Times mistakenly claiming that Dr Othman would represent Earth on behalf of all humanity. In an earlier talk, Othman did say however:

The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will receive signals from extraterrestrials. When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.

Edinburgh University’s upcoming “Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life” course will open up an exciting new era in the study of extraterrestrial life. Core questions regarding the existence and societal implications of extraterrestrial life are being raised by respected scientists, and will now be discussed by students around the world. According to Jeff Haywood, vice principal of the University of Edinburgh, the number of students for the online course is potentially 100,000 students or more. That projected enrollment figure is in itself a remarkable possibility. Whether 100,000 students enroll or not, it is clear that the scholarly study of extraterrestrial life and its societal implications has entered mainstream scientific discourse and is now going global.

[Special Notice: The author teaches a course in the Exopolitics Institute’s Certification Program titled: The Science, Spirituality and Politics of Extraterrestrial Life. Fall Semester classes begin in early September. More info here.

© Copyright 2012. Michael E. Salla. Exopolitics.org

Permission is granted to include extracts of this article on websites and email lists with a link to the original. This article is copyright © and should not be added in its entirety on other websites or email lists without author’s permission.

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Another Alien Elongated Skull Found in Mexico:   Believed to be 1,000 years old, the find was made near the small Mexican village of Onavas. Notice strange bone ridge on skull?  This alone shows that the skull was not modified by cul...
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