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You booked your cruise and paid the basic fare. Now it's time to consider extras.

The cruise fare covers accommodations, meals, most activities and entertainment. But there are plenty of other ways to spend money shipboard (before you add in gratuities and shore activities).

You can just say no to all the extras, but that's not practical for most cruise passengers. Here are 10 ways to save money onboard.

Watch the soda:

See if you can bring your own 12-pack of soda onboard instead of paying a per-can fee. (Photo: AP)

If you're a big soda or bottled water drinker, see if you can bring your own 12-pack onboard, which saves you paying per can/bottle on the ship. Purchasing an unlimited soda/water package (special pricing for kids) is another option. Or plan to drinking the free stuff – such as ice tea, lemonade, juice and flavored water (on lines including Norwegian Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises) available at the buffet. Bring your own water bottle, and you can fill up whenever you like.

Take advantage of free "adult" drinks:

You can also sip champagne or sparkling wine for free at the art auction. It's a come-on tactic, but you're under no obligation to buy. (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Wet your whistle at the Captain's party (you'll receive an invite if you're a past cruiser). Get there early and you may be able to snag more than one cocktail from the trays proffered by waiters. You can also sip champagne or sparkling wine for free at the art auction. It's a come-on tactic, but you're under no obligation to buy.

Indulge in free ice cream:

You can likely get free, self-serve soft-serve on Lido Deck whenever you want, with unbranded hard-serve often available at the buffet and in the main dining room. (Photo: Dan Klempa, Carnival Cruise Lines)

Skip the gelato and name brands (Ben & Jerry's, Haagen-Daz), which come with a fee. You can likely get free, self-serve soft-serve on Lido Deck whenever you want, with unbranded hard-serve often available at the buffet and in the main dining room.

Do on-deck fitness classes:

For a free workout, hit the gym's state-of-the-art equipment or the jogging track. (Photo: Andy Paradise, Royal Caribbean International)

Skip the fee-based fitness classes in the gym and instead check the daily newsletter for any complimentary sessions held on deck – such as Zumba sessions on Celebrity Cruises. For a free workout, hit the gym's state-of-the-art equipment or the jogging track. Another good option is to bring a fitness DVD for your laptop and do your own session.

Do your own laundry:

If you really want to send laundry out, look for a set-price laundry bag special – stuff the provided bag and everything comes back clean and nicely folded. (Photo: Getty Images)

Your ship may have a self-serve laundry and it may be free – if not, you can exchange dollars for quarters or purchase tokens for the washers and dryers and soap dispensers at the purser's desk. If you really want to send laundry out, look for a set-price laundry bag special – stuff the provided bag and everything comes back clean and nicely folded.

Bring your own wine:

If you order wine off the menu and don't finish the bottle, have it corked – it will be stored so you can drink the rest the next day. Holland America's Wine Bar on the ms Ryndam is pictured. (Photo: Michel Verdure, Holland America Line)

You are generally not allowed to bring your own liquor onboard (if you try it may be confiscated). But Holland America Line, among others, lets you pack a bottle or two of wine or champagne. Consume it in your cabin for free, or in a public area for a corkage fee. If you order wine off the menu and don't finish the bottle, have it corked – it will be stored so you can drink the rest the next day.

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Get beauty treatments in advance:

Shipboard massages and other beauty treatments are no bargain either. If you plan on indulging, look for special discounts on port days. (Photo: Royal Caribbean International)

Don't wait until you get on the ship to get a pedicure or manicure. What costs $30 at home will cost $70 and up on the ship. Shipboard massages and other beauty treatments are no bargain either. If you plan on indulging, look for special discounts on port days.

Don't connect:

Despite efforts being made by lines, including Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, to make Internet access both faster and cheaper, logging on shipboard is still an expensive proposition. (Photo: Carnival Cruise Lines)

Despite efforts being made by lines, including Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, to make Internet access both faster and cheaper, logging on shipboard is still an expensive proposition. Wait and brag about your vacation when you get to port – finding a bar or café where a beer or coffee comes with free WiFi.

Look for a restaurant deal:

If you plan to indulge in several, see whether a dining package may save you bucks. Note: You may have to book the package in advance of your cruise. (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Your ship's specialty restaurants will offer upgraded meals in intimate venues, as an alternative to complimentary dining rooms. But these special restaurants come with fees of $15 to $75. If you plan to indulge in several, see whether a dining package may save you bucks. Note: You may have to book the package in advance of your cruise.

Bring your own camera:

Carry your own camera or iPhone and snap selfies in the same poses, for free. You can have the photos printed cheaply when you get home. (Photo: Getty Images)

It may seem like every time you turn around a shipboard photographer is snapping your photo – including with costumed characters and staged backdrops. The idea is to get you to buy the photos. Carry your own camera or iPhone and snap selfies in the same poses, for free. You can have the photos printed cheaply when you get home.

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Las Vegas casinos' biggest winners PDF Print E-mail


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Visitors hear it all the time when they come to Las Vegas: These big casinos weren't built on letting people win. But on occasion, people do win and they win big. Statistically those who play on high-limit machines (say, a minimum of $250 per pull on a slot machine) earn bigger payouts, but there are plenty of other ways to hit the jackpot.

Sunset Station and Green Valley Ranch, two off-Strip casinos that cater to both visitors and locals, have seen their fair share of big winners on penny slots with progressive payouts. Progressive jackpots grow slowly but surely, with multiple machines all competing for the big win. One of the largest progressive payouts in history happened in 1998 at Palace Station, where a retired flight attendant dropped $300 into a Megabucks machine and was rewarded with $27.5 million. Last year at Sunset Station, a local hit the Willy Wonka progressive for $741,287.92, while another made $670,280 off The Walking Dead machine. One tourist walked away with $383,852.19 from the Lord of the Rings game.

Willy Wonka seems to be pretty loose all around, as a player at Wynn earned $375,000.24 from the game based on the eccentric chocolatier.

One of the most legendary slots in gaming history is known as the Lion's Share at MGM Grand, a $1 machine that is one of the originals from when the property opened 20 years ago. It never paid out its progressive jackpot in all that time, until August of last year when a couple from New Hampshire got the lucky lions all in a row for $2.4 million.

It isn't all about pouring your cash into a machine and hoping the algorithms calculate in your favor. Huge money can be won at table games as well. There are a number of ways to become a millionaire at Caesars properties, such as Harrah's and Planet Hollywood. Three-card poker with million-dollar jackpots had the winning hand for several visitors, including Shawna Caldwell from South Carolina and Matthew Bloodgood of Oregon. So far, Caesars has paid $1 million jackpots 11 times, with five in 2014 alone.

When you're super serious about poker, there's a whole event dedicated to you. Last year's World Series of Poker tournament attracted a record 82,360 players from 110 countries, generating the largest prize pool in tournament history of $227 million. The $10 million grand prize went to 27-year-old Martin Jacobson of Stockholm, Sweden.

Just because Jacobson is a professional poker player, doesn't mean that Lady Luck can't smile on you too.

Use gambling tips and tricks from a former pro:

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Cheers: The coolest Caribbean hotel lobby bars PDF Print E-mail


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Not just for hotel guests anymore, lobby bars are the epicenter of cocktail cool for a rum-spiked morning coffee, an afternoon martini swill or a nightcap on the rocks. Whether you come for the vibe, for the drinks or for both, peruse our list of the Caribbean's hip and happening lobby bars for the best of the best.

Puerto Rico

Straight through the spacious lobby, you'll find views of the Atlantic Ocean, a discreet piano player and cocktails that aim to please. (Photo: Magda Biernat, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel)

The nearly century-old Condado Vanderbilt in San Juan is named for Frederick William Vanderbilt, scion of one of America's richest families. Designed by the same team that created New York's Grand Central Station, it was once the haunt of A-list bluebloods like Charles Lindberg, Errol Flynn and President Franklin and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Today, the Grande Dame of Condado is newly renovated yet still honors the glory days of San Juan especially in the elegant Veritas Wine and Cognac Bar. Straight through the spacious lobby, you'll find views of the Atlantic Ocean, a discreet piano player and cocktails that aim to please. Order the fabulously saintly St. Hillaire, which does a flute justice with Prosecco, lemon peel and the elderberry-flavored liqueur called St. Germaine (find a bottle to bring home). Looking to cool off? Sip on a Vanderbilt Mojito, chilled with local Ron del Barrilito Three Star rum, lime, brown sugar and a sprig of mint or go classic with a masterful dirty martini with a three –olive skewer. For a tapas treat, try a bowl of olive-oil-fried yucca chips with a chaser of marinated olives and a set of montaditos or mini-sandwiches topped with lobster, caviar and avocado.


Blue Bar is action-central for those with a hankering for a sip and a snack after shopping in Willemstad or posing for photos on the nearby Floating Bridge. (Photo: Renaissance Curacao)

A creative melange of Blue Curacao liquor, vodka and licorice-y Sambuca, 'Meet Me in Paradise' is bliss in a glass at the Blue Bar in the Renaissance Curacao. Easy to spot near the front desk and around the corner from the lively casino, Blue Bar is action-central for those with a hankering for a sip and a snack after shopping in Willemstad or posing for photos on the nearby Floating Bridge. Bartenders pour until 3 am and the kitchen serves local fan favorites like beef croquettes called 'Dutch Bitterballen'.


Sunset Lounge at the Viceroy Anguilla is the height of Caribbean chic. Here you'll find fine champagne, aged rum, Cuban cigars and expertly rolled sushi. (Photo: Viceroy Anguilla)

Sunset Lounge at the Viceroy Anguilla is the height of Caribbean chic. Here you'll find fine champagne, aged rum, Cuban cigars and expertly rolled sushi. Crowning the coralline point where Barnes Bay meets Meads Bay, the lobby lounge is big on ambience with an adults-only infinity pool and DJ's who marry reggae with European hipster tunes. On the rocks and packing a punch, 'The Anguillahattan' is a trendy twist on the Manhattan with Pyrat rum, Cointreau, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters. For the less adventurous, whiskey straight-up or a shot of sake will do the trick.

St. Maarten

The spirited lobby bar and the open air Lounge tempts with wine cellar treasures that run the gamut from a USD$495.00 bottle of Robert Mondavi and Baron de Rothschild Opus One to a six-dollar glass of Chardonnay Trivento Tribu from Argentina. (Photo: Holland House)

Sitting pretty on Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg, Ocean Lounge at Holland House is vacation nirvana bookended by the ocean on one side and the island's busiest shopping street on the other. The spirited lobby bar and the open air Lounge tempts with wine cellar treasures that run the gamut from a USD$495.00 bottle of Robert Mondavi and Baron de Rothschild Opus One to a six-dollar glass of Chardonnay Trivento Tribu from Argentina.

LOOKING TO BE PAMPERED? See the best Caribbean resort perks


Front row center in the well-dressed lobby at the Ritz-Carlton, Divi Bar invites with an Asian-inspired menu, impressive medley of artisan tipples and fine glasses of wine. (Photo: Don Riddle)

Front row center in the well-dressed lobby at the Ritz-Carlton, Divi Bar invites with an Asian-inspired menu, impressive medley of artisan tipples and fine glasses of wine. Fronting Palm Beach, the bar is easy to spot with its funky illuminated lights and happy cast of regulars celebrating a lucky streak in the 24-hour casino just steps away. For fans of island fare, try a 'Cadushi ' cocktail; a homerun of white rum, triple sec, lime and cactus puree.

St. Thomas

As the sun sets, look left from the bar and head for the open air terrace, which boasts sweeping views of the parade of boats that pass through the colorful harbor daily. (Photo: Corey Weiner, Marriott Frenchman's Reef)

Veer right from the front desk and snag a seat at the Rum Bar at Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort. As the sun sets, look left from the bar and head for the open air terrace, which boasts sweeping views of the parade of boats that pass through the colorful harbor daily. It's the perfect scene to order a dessert in a glass, like the Key-Limetini with Cruzan vanilla rum, pineapple juice and a graham cracker rim or the 'Cool Breeze ' with Sauza Silver Tequila, triple sec, cilantro petals and an avocado infusion. Delectable chilled margaritas appeal to those with less adventurous taste buds.


Open at the magic hour for sunset toasting, the dapper bar in the Great House Lobby pours tropical rums like Haiti's smooth Barbancourt Reserve and the more subtle J. Bally from Martinique. (Photo: Four Seasons)

Despite its name, there's nothing boring about the Library Bar at the swanky five-star Four Seasons on the leeward side of the petite isle across the channel from St. Kitts. Open at the magic hour for sunset toasting, the dapper bar in the Great House Lobby pours tropical rums like Haiti's smooth Barbancourt Reserve and the more subtle J. Bally from Martinique. For those who prefer a glass of wine, stand-out sips include Centenario Gran Reserva from Costa Rico and Diplomatico Anejo from Venezuela. Sweet drink aficionados will order another round after the first 'Nevisian Spirit 'blended with vanilla rum, peach schnapps and fruity juice add-ons.

Grand Cayman

For the daring, full marks go to the 'Painkiller' heady with rum, coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice. (Photo: Sunshine Suites)

With cocktails called 'Mango Massage' and 'Vodka Paralyser', you know the Sunshine Grill at the Sunshine Suites is a watering hole with a sense of humor rather than just another hotel lobby bar. A seashell away from the white sand of Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach, quality bar time is all about frosty pints of the local Cay Brew and mighty mugs of margaritas and mojitos. For the daring, full marks go to the 'Painkiller' heady with rum, coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice.


Uniquely styled as the hull of a keeled boat, the bar is popular for reasonably priced pitchers of Banks beer. (Photo: Hilton Resorts)

Ten miles from the Grantley Adams International Airport and ten minutes from Bridgetown; the capital and largest city on the island, Careenage Bar in the airy lobby of the Hilton Barbados is the in-spot for locals taking five after work, pilots from around the world resting up before their next flight and tourists who like the vibe of a neighborhood bar. Uniquely styled as the hull of a keeled boat, the bar is popular for reasonably priced pitchers of Banks beer and rum punch jazzed up with the island's own Mount Gay brand. Pitcher-pleasing snacks include Bajan fish cakes and coconut fried shrimp.


Snuggling the Waterfront Centre, the oh-so-chic bar is Port of Spain's hot spot for postcard-perfect for views of the Gulf of Paria. (Photo: Corey Weiner)

Cozy on a couch or restful on a stylish settee, cocktails are serious business at the Lobby Lounge at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. Snuggling the Waterfront Centre, the oh-so-chic bar is Port of Spain's hot spot for postcard-perfect for views of the Gulf of Paria, small plates from a global menu and cocktails like the 'Chutney Rhythm' stirred with Angostura rum, mangos and a sweet splash of clove syrup . For calorie counters, 'Diamond Lite Mojito' weighs in at less than two hundred calories. Funky bands keep the island vibe until midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

WORKING ON YOUR FITNESS? Book a stay at the best health and wellness resorts in the Caribbean

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10Best: Phoenix faves that split the uprights PDF Print E-mail

Larry Bleiberg, Special for USA TODAY 8:11 a.m. EST January 23, 2015

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess hotel is home to the pampering Willow Stream Spa.(Photo:


Phoenix gets its moment in the spotlight Feb. 1 when it hosts the Super Bowl, but resident Robbie Gould says the desert metropolis shines year-round. The Chicago Bears player, the third-most-accurate place kicker in NFL history, moved to the city 2 1/2 years ago. "It's a great place. There's lots to do and the weather's fantastic," he says. Also a broadcaster and philanthropist, Gould shares some favorite Phoenix-area spots with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Arrogant Butcher

Gould loves the scene at this downtown eatery across the street from Chase Field, which attracts theater crowds and politicians seeking salads, burgers, steaks, seafood and cocktails. "It's one of my favorite places in downtown Phoenix," he says. "We sit outside on the patio area. It's really fun to be able to people-watch." he says. 602-324-8502;

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

There's no shortage of spots to get pampered in the Phoenix area, but Gould is particularly fond of this resort in neighboring Scottsdale, home to the Willow Stream Spa. "It's great to get a massage there, and they have great amenities for males and females." Afterward, he likes to grab a bite at the hotel's Mexican restaurant La Hacienda by Richard Sandoval. 866-540-4495;

Phoenix Zoo

Gould has a 1-year-old son and has discovered the charms of the city's zoo, which sprawls over 125 acres with 1,400 animals on display. Kids love the monkey village, giraffe encounter and camel rides. "It's one of the better zoos I've been to," he says. "It's a great place for families to get out and enjoy some of that weather, to be able to walk outside and have the kids out and doing something." 602-286-3800;

Waste Management Phoenix Open

Football isn't the only sport bringing excitement to the desert this winter. The PGA tournament, running Jan. 26-Feb. 1 at TPC Scottsdale, will feature Tiger Woods, who famously shot a hole-in-one here in 1997. Gould likes the atmosphere on the par-3 hole 16, considered the rowdiest in golf. "They set it up as if it's a stadium, and there are thousands of people and they're drinking and having a good time," he says.

Baseball spring training

Just a month after the Super Bowl, baseball fans will descend on Phoenix for spring training. Gould loves catching both Chicago teams, but he probably sees more of the Cubs in their new stadium, Sloan Park, in nearby Mesa because his father-in-law has season tickets. "There's a restaurant in back and bars to watch the game. It's almost like a spring break place. You can sit on the lawn, eat at different food trucks," he says.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Baseball fans aren't just limited to spring training. Gould loves to visit Chase Field, home to Major League Baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks. "The tickets are cheap, and you can see a great game here," Gould says. "You can really enjoy it whether it's 110 degrees and they have the roof closed, or at night when it's 75 or 80 and the roof opens up." 602-462-6500;

Ak-Chin Pavilion

Last year Gould saw Lady Antebellum perform at this outdoor venue, which seats 20,000, with 8,000 under a pavilion roof. "It's an awesome place where you can catch concerts relatively close to downtown," he says. 602-254-7200;

US Airways Center

Gould is a regular at this venue, home to the Arena Football League Arizona Rattlers, where his brother Chris is a placekicker. The center, which will change its name to Talking Stick Resort Arena this year, is also home to the NBA's Suns and the WNBA's Mercury. "It's nice. You feel like you're part of the game and involved in it," he says. 602-379-7800;

The Living Room

This lounge-style cafe and wine bar in nearby Chandler offers a casual atmosphere, with outside fireplaces and heating. "You can take in some great sandwiches and nice food. When it's 70 degrees at night, you can really enjoy the weather but sit in a lounge bar area and hang out with family," Gould says. 480-855-2848;

Quintero Golf Club

When he's not on the gridiron, you'll probably find Gould on the greens. And with hundreds of courses in the area, he has no shortage of places to play. But the kicker is particularly fond of this high-desert course northwest of Phoenix. "You're out in the middle of nowhere," he says. "You've got awesome views of the redstone mountains and valley." 928-501-1500;


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Latest gee-whiz cruise attraction: Open-air 'sky ride' PDF Print E-mail


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Dubbed the SkyRide, the Carnival Vista's peddle-powered aerial attraction encircles the ship's top deck.(Photo: Carnival Cruise Line)



NEW YORK -- Get ready to ride in the sky on a cruise ship.

Industry giant Carnival's next vessel, the Carnival Vista, will feature an 800-foot-long track suspended around its top deck that passengers can circle in peddle-powered capsules, the line revealed Thursday at a New York event.

Dubbed the SkyRide, it's being billed as the cruise industry's first pedal-powered, open-air aerial attraction and is just one of several first-for-the-industry features planned for the ship.

Carnival Vista also will have the first IMAX Theater at sea and a record size, 455-foot-long water tube attraction, Carnival announced. The ship also will have a pub with a working brewery on site -- a first for a line catering to North Americans. Only one other cruise ship, the AIDAblue operated by German line Aida, has a working brewery on board.

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PHOTO TOUR: Inside the Carnival ships that made cruising history

The SkyRide attraction will be part of an expanded version of the outdoor activity parks that Carnival has installed on recent ships that also will include a suspended ropes course. The area will have a new indoor sports hangout, The Clubhouse at SportSquare¸ featuring mini-bowling, ping-pong, arcade basketball and sports video gaming, the line says.

Dubbed Kaleid-o-Slide, the new tube attraction will be part of the largest water park in the Carnival fleet. Passengers will be able to ride it on inflatable one or two-person rafts.

The ship's IMAX Theater will be three decks high and will show the latest Hollywood blockbusters as well as IMAX classics and IMAX documentary films, Carnival says. It'll be adjacent to a "thrill theater" that will offer a multi-dimensional special effects experience. The two theaters are part of a theater area with a concession stand offering popcorn and snacks that Carnival is calling the Carnival Multiplex and billing as the first multi-theater complex at sea.

Scheduled to debut in spring 2016, the Carnival Vista will carry 4,000 passengers at double occupancy. Carnival on Thursday said it will spend the summer of 2016 in Europe before sailing to New York for a series of cruises.

The Carnival Vista will build on the design of the line's last new ship, the Carnival Breeze. For a deck-by-deck tour of the Carnival Breeze, click through the carousel below.


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