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Business News Reports

OneNote for Android adds handwriting support 19 August 2014, 00.25 Business
OneNote for Android adds handwriting support
Mark Hachman Microsoft released a major update to its OneNote for Android app today, adding handwriting input and tablet support and bringing Android users closer to the OneNote experience the company envisioned for the
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FCC allowed to question AT&T, Verizon on business broadband pricing
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has the green light to collect new data on the pricing of so-called special access services, the middle-mile network services used to deliver business broadband and mobile service
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Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft's board 19 August 2014, 00.25 Business
Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft's board
About six months after retiring as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has relinquished his seat on the company’s board of directors effective immediately, citing a busy schedule and confidence in the company’s current and
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Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10 29 April 2014, 16.03 Business
Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10
Acer’s dual-purpose Aspire Switch 10 can function as a Windows 8 tablet and laptop, but the shape-shifting product’s uniqueness is in its magnetic keyboard base, an element not found on other hybrid devices. The Aspire
Read More 139 Hits 0 Ratings
Twitter more than doubles its sales, but still can't turn a profit
Twitter on Tuesday turned in some healthy sales figures for the first quarter, though its net loss grew substantially compared to last year. Total revenue for the period ended March 31 was roughly US$250 million, Twitter
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Bitcoin traders agree to settlement in Mt. Gox class-action suit
Plaintiffs in two class-action suits charging the embattled Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox with fraud have agreed to a settlement, and new plans to revive the exchange have been drafted. Earlier this year a class-action suit in
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Florida commuter's illegal jammer blocked more than cell talkers
Some drivers would love to have a cellphone-free bubble around their cars, but when a Florida man allegedly created one every day on his commute, it didn’t necessarily make the highway a safer place. Jason R. Humphreys
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Big data hype didn't speed growth in the BI market, Gartner says
All the hype around big data last year didn’t drive big growth in the worldwide BI (business-intelligence) and analytics market, according to research firm Gartner. While the BI and analytics market grew about 8 percent
Read More 135 Hits 0 Ratings
Microsoft's prototype keyboard understands gestures
Microsoft’s research division has developed a keyboard that can interpret basic hand gestures, potentially bridging a gap between touch devices and more traditional input methods. [See the keyboard in action in a video
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Microsoft to close Nokia acquisition Friday 20 April 2014, 19.43 Business
Microsoft to close Nokia acquisition Friday
Image: Jon Phillips The end is nigh. Or is that a new beginning? Either way you look at it, Microsoft on Monday announced that its $7 billion acquisition of Nokia's phone business will finally close this Friday, April 25,
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AMD steers clear of low-cost tablet market 18 April 2014, 23.18 Business
AMD steers clear of low-cost tablet market
Advanced Micro Devices doesn’t want its chips in low-priced tablets, and is eager to avoid a battle with Intel or ARM, whose chips have driven tablet prices down to under US$100. Growth in the tablet market is driven by
Read More 119 Hits 0 Ratings
Space X rocket en route to ISS with space laser cargo
A Space X Falcon rocket lifted off Friday afternoon for the International Space Station (ISS) from the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida. The mission is the third commercial resupply flight for Space X to the ISS and
Read More 182 Hits 0 Ratings
Telerik frees HTML5 collection of components 18 April 2014, 23.18 Business
Telerik frees HTML5 collection of components
Borrowing a page from the recently revised Microsoft playbook, development tools maker Telerik has released as open source the bulk of its Kendo software library of components for building Web and mobile applications The
Read More 134 Hits 0 Ratings
Plastic computers taking shape, but won't replace silicon
Can plastic materials morph into computers? A research breakthrough published this week brings such a possibility closer to reality. Researchers are looking at the possibility of making low-power, flexible and inexpensive
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Was Steve Jobs a jerk? Hiring case questions his character
Tech workers suing over an alleged no-poaching agreement among Silicon Valley firms are fighting an attempt by defendants to ban evidence that might portray Steve Jobs as a bad guy. The case centers on alleged secret
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Google invites Glass wearers to brave LA's beaches
Users of Google Glass will get to meet and compare their techie headgear this weekend at a spot where appearance is everything. On Saturday in Los Angeles, the Internet company is holding a 3.6-mile run from its offices in
Read More 113 Hits 0 Ratings
Google's future phone: The modular Project Ara 16 April 2014, 11.03 Administrator Business
Google's future phone: The modular Project Ara
  (CNN) -- Google is jumping into its next futuristic hardware project. This time it's a modular smartphone dubbed Project Ara that can be customized by swapping out individual pieces, such as the battery and the
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Before Project Ara, others envisaged a modular phone, too
The spotlight will fall on Project Ara this week when Google holds a big event for developers, but it’s far from the first company to toy with modular smartphones. Among the first was Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, which showed
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Connected stuff is catching on -- just don't call it IoT
Many organizations today are looking for things that talk to the Internet. Sensors, cameras, medical equipment and even snowplows are on that wish list. The “Internet of Things” is not. The municipalities that come to
Read More 112 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Glass gets KitKat support, leaves out video calls
Google Glass is getting a big software update to coincide with its one-day sale on Tuesday, but video calling is one feature that’s been put on hold. The Internet-enabled headset will get KitKat, the newest version of
Read More 128 Hits 0 Ratings
How to photograph the 'Blood Moon' 14 April 2014, 20.39 Business
How to photograph the 'Blood Moon'
It’s hard to believe today—especially since you can just look up at the sky and see our crater-covered moon with your naked eyes—but there was a time when people weren’t intimately familiar with what the surface of
Read More 102 Hits 0 Ratings
Google patches Android icon permissions attack 14 April 2014, 20.39 Business
Google patches Android icon permissions attack
Google has issued a patch for an attack that could lead an Android user to a phishing site, according to security vendor FireEye. FireEye recently spotted an malicious Android application that could modify the icons of
Read More 135 Hits 0 Ratings
Google updates terms of service to reflect its scanning of users' emails
Google has updated its terms of service to reflect that it analyzes user content including emails to provide users tailored advertising, customized search results and other features. The Internet giant’s scanning of
Read More 116 Hits 0 Ratings
Bitcoin akin to the Internet 20 years ago, digital currency executive says
Bitcoin today is like the Internet of 20 years ago, showing immense promise but in need of much more development, a digital currency executive said Monday, kicking off the Inside Bitcoins conference. As the first digital
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Social network acted like a jerk, faces FTC complaint
The former social network acted like its name would suggest, by allowing users to label others as jerks and then charging people for the ability to change those profiles, but not delivering on that promise,
Read More 140 Hits 0 Ratings
HP talks up faster speed of Z Turbo Drive PCI-Express SSDs
Hewlett-Packard’s new Z Turbo Drive solid-state drives will be faster than conventional SSDs that plug into hard-drive slots, the company said. The drives, which will be available in 256GB and 512GB storage capacities,
Read More 157 Hits 0 Ratings
Uber now delivers packages with Rush courier service
Not content with delivering people to their destination, Uber is now delivering packages as well. The company rolled out a new service on Monday called Rush, which lets people order pickup and delivery of packages using
Read More 121 Hits 0 Ratings
Microsoft readies its own original programming push
Microsoft took the wraps off plans for original programming on Monday because, honestly, isn’t that what everyone’s doing these days? Actually, it’s more than just Fear of Missing Out that’s motivating Redmond to
Read More 162 Hits 0 Ratings
Windows XP: Chronicle of a death foretold 08 April 2014, 02.16 Business
Windows XP: Chronicle of a death foretold
When Microsoft ends support for Windows XP on Tuesday, a security sinkhole will likely open and gradually widen, threatening hundreds of millions of PCs worldwide in homes, companies, government agencies and schools. Along
Read More 132 Hits 0 Ratings
World Tech Update: Microsoft puts Office on the iPad and Facebook's $2 billion VR bet
This week on World Tech Update, our weekly news video review, we take a closer look at Microsoft’s long-awaited Office for iPad. At his first major press conference as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said he’s committed
Read More 147 Hits 0 Ratings
Trial to proceed in Silicon Valley employee 'no poaching' case
A lawsuit that accuses Google, Apple and other top Silicon Valley companies of driving down wages by agreeing not to hire each other’s workers can go to trial, a judge ruled on Friday. The case alleges that executives
Read More 169 Hits 0 Ratings
Why Zuckerberg prefers drones to Google's balloons
Mark Zuckerberg is determined to bring Internet access—and thus Facebook access—to every corner of the globe, no matter how remote. On Friday, the social network’s CEO said more about how he plans to do that, and it
Read More 132 Hits 0 Ratings
Judge approves class-action suit against Apple in e-books case
A New York judge has given the go-ahead for a group to collectively sue Apple for damages over its collusion with publishers to fix the price of electronic books. Denise Cote, a judge at the U.S. District Court for the
Read More 146 Hits 0 Ratings
There's no bubble in business Wi-Fi, Aerohive CEO says
Aerohive Networks sells not just enterprise Wi-Fi gear but also cloud-based software designed to make it easier to set up and manage a customer’s entire wired and wireless network. Other wireless LAN vendors are moving
Read More 114 Hits 0 Ratings
Judge blocks sales of Typo keyboard on BlackBerry request
A California judge has granted BlackBerry’s wish to temporarily halt sales of an iPhone keyboard produced by start-up Typo Products while the two companies argue over alleged copyright infringement. BlackBerry had
Read More 116 Hits 0 Ratings
California DMV customers may be affected by a credit card breach
Did you renew your driver’s license or pay a fee to the California Department of Motor Vehicles using your credit card? You may want to keep a close watch on your credit card statements. That’s the message the state
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RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition review: The same Myst you know and love, but prettier
The sun is setting on Myst Island. It dips towards the ocean, which stretches boundless in every direction. From where I stand, the last pale orange rays stretch across the sky, scrabbling for purchase between a few
Read More 108 Hits 0 Ratings
AT&T exec takes to the Internet, takes Netflix to task in the process
In a blog post published Thursday night, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took aim at Comcast—you know, the company Netflix paid in order to get better network access— for its stance on net neutrality. So naturally, AT&T
Read More 133 Hits 0 Ratings
Report: Turkey cuts off a key Twitter workaround by blocking Google DNS
Earlier this week, the Turkish government blocked access to Twitter inside the country in response to a YouTube video that alleges Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's involvement in a corruption scandal. Citizens found
Read More 139 Hits 0 Ratings
Twitter kills its music app, which never got much play
Twitter’s mobile music app, launched last year amid a crowded market for online music services, is being shut down, Twitter said on Friday. Twitter #music will be removed from Apple’s app store on Friday. For those who
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NSA hacked into servers at Huawei headquarters, reports say
The U.S. National Security Agency has hacked into Huawei Technologies servers, spied on communications of company executives and collected information to plant so-called backdoors on equipment from the Chinese networking
Read More 104 Hits 0 Ratings
SpiderOak streamlines its enterprise secure-cloud pricing to $5 per user
Cloud storage provider SpiderOak has simplified the pricing of its enterprise service, updated its management console and introduced a mobile app for Android and iOS. Enterprises will now pay $5 per user, per month, no
Read More 113 Hits 0 Ratings
Tencent to focus WeChat on markets where competition isn't entrenched
China’s Tencent isn’t letting up on international marketing for its WeChat mobile messaging app, but signaled its plans to avoid competing in markets where rivals such as WhatsApp already have a strong user base. Growth
Read More 135 Hits 0 Ratings
Bitcoin's software gets security fixes, new features
The software driving Bitcoin’s network was upgraded Wednesday, with security fixes addressing a problem that defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox blamed for losing nearly half a billion dollars worth of bitcoins. The
Read More 111 Hits 0 Ratings
EA Games site hacked to steal Apple IDs 19 March 2014, 18.42 Business
EA Games site hacked to steal Apple IDs
An Electronic Arts website was hacked in a phishing scheme aimed at the acquisition of Apple IDs and credit card numbers, security researchers reported Wednesday. Security vulnerabilities in a calendar application are
Read More 140 Hits 0 Ratings
HP plans 3D printer announcement for June 19 March 2014, 18.42 Business
HP plans 3D printer announcement for June
Hewlett-Packard claims to have solved the two biggest problems with today’s 3D printers and will make its first big technology announcement in that area in June, CEO Meg Whitman said Wednesday. There’s a lot of “buzz
Read More 166 Hits 0 Ratings
NASA 'codeathon' challenge seeks apps for coastal flooding
NASA, with an eye toward Earth-based projects, is calling on software and hardware developers to create new technologies for addressing issues around coastal flooding. The space agency on Wednesday launched its third
Read More 149 Hits 0 Ratings
Sony's mobile strategy puts priority on wearable tech
Now that Sony plans to sell off its fashionable Vaio laptop business and convert its TV business into a subsidiary, the Japanese electronics giant appears poised to beef up its line of mobile products, including
Read More 293 Hits 0 Ratings
Nokia and HTC bury hatchet in patent disputes 09 February 2014, 21.31 Business
Nokia and HTC bury hatchet in patent disputes
Nokia and HTC have settled their long-running patent infringement battles, which played out in several countries and have seen a handful of HTC phones banned from sale in Europe. The two companies, both major players in
Read More 304 Hits 0 Ratings
US seeks information on industry ability to hold bulk phone data
The U.S. government has asked industry for information on whether commercially available services can provide a viable alternative to the government holding bulk phone records for a program of the National Security
Read More 292 Hits 0 Ratings
Foxconn investing B in Indonesia to build factories 09 February 2014, 21.31 Business
Foxconn investing $1B in Indonesia to build factories
Manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group is investing US$1 billion to build factories in Indonesia, in the company’s latest step to address a major handset market in Asia. Foxconn plans to make the investment over a
Read More 284 Hits 0 Ratings
Patch times improved in 2013, security analysis reports
Software vendors have improved their response to security flaws in the last 12 months but some still take too long to patch the highest-risk vulnerabilities, figures from Swiss testing firm High-Tech Bridge have
Read More 296 Hits 0 Ratings
Pwn2Own security contest offers 5,000 in prizes 09 February 2014, 21.31 Business
Pwn2Own security contest offers $645,000 in prizes
Hewlett-Packard’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) spelled out the rules for its March hacking contest, Pwn2Own, which will put two-thirds of a million dollars in prize money on the table for researchers who can hack the
Read More 375 Hits 0 Ratings
Verizon denies throttling Amazon's cloud, Netflix 09 February 2014, 21.31 Business
Verizon denies throttling Amazon's cloud, Netflix
presented by Data center & cloud Verizon is denying a charge leveled by a security expert and seemingly acknowledged by its own customer service department that it is “limiting bandwidth” to Amazon Web Services,
Read More 433 Hits 0 Ratings
Yahoo buys virtual worlds gaming company Cloud Party
presented by Business Issues Yahoo has acquired Cloud Party, a gaming company specializing in virtual worlds, in another deal to give the search giant more engineering chops. Cloud Party provided a multiplayer,
Read More 268 Hits 0 Ratings
Samsung's Apple damages equivalent to 16 days' profit
The US$930 million in damages Samsung was ordered to pay Apple last year for infringing its smartphone patents is more than some device makers earn in a year, but for Samsung it’s equal to just over 16 days’ worth of
Read More 319 Hits 0 Ratings
Toshiba completes acquisition of OCZ Storage 21 January 2014, 21.43 Business
Toshiba completes acquisition of OCZ Storage
Toshiba has completed its acquisition of OCZ Storage Solutions, a failed Silicon Valley maker of solid-state drives, the company said Tuesday. Solid-state drives are storage components built with flash memory that are
Read More 226 Hits 0 Ratings
PS4 and Xbox help AMD to a profit, but outlook disappoints
Advanced Micro Devices has reported a profit for the fourth quarter, thanks largely to the sale of its chips in the latest game consoles from Microsoft and Sony. AMD’s forecast for the current quarter seemed to
Read More 239 Hits 0 Ratings
Report: Amazon considering live TV streaming service
Amazon has approached several major media conglomerates to discuss adding live cable TV channels to its Prime Instant Video service, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Monday. The idea is still at a very
Read More 256 Hits 0 Ratings
Target-related malware was a side job for man living in Russia
In a surprising TV interview, a 23-year-old living in Russia said he helped code a software program that experts believe was eventually modified to steal tens of millions of payment card details from Target. Rinat
Read More 336 Hits 0 Ratings
As Target breach unfolds, information vanishes from Web
At least three security companies have scrubbed information related to Target from the Web, highlighting the ongoing sensitivity around one of the largest-ever data breaches. How hackers broke into Target and installed
Read More 244 Hits 0 Ratings
Google Glass user questioned in Ohio theater for suspected piracy
Google Glass has raised privacy concerns in many countries. It now appears that it is being monitored as a potential aid to copyright infringement. A man who wore Google Glass to a movie theater in Ohio was detained and
Read More 281 Hits 0 Ratings
How Intel is buying, building a piece of the tablet market
Intel has an ambitious goal for 2014: get its Atom chips into 40 million tablets, or four times the number of tablets that had Intel inside in 2013. But rather than do it by tailoring its products to what tablets now
Read More 254 Hits 0 Ratings
Mobile devices become launchpads for DDoS attacks 18 January 2014, 22.46 Business
Mobile devices become launchpads for DDoS attacks
An increasing number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against businesses are coming from mobile devices, according to Prolexic Technologies. The American-based DDoS protection firm released data from its
Read More 304 Hits 0 Ratings
Starbucks app teaches users to check security, experts say
The weak protections for customer data in Starbucks’ mobile-payment app is a “wakeup call” for consumers who should never assume the apps they use in their smartphones are secure. Starbucks acknowledged this week
Read More 261 Hits 0 Ratings
The smartest cars may need 5G networks, Ericsson says
Some of the most futuristic features envisioned in networked cars will depend on 5G mobile technology that probably won’t be available in full until 2020, according to Ericsson’s chief technology officer. There’s a
Read More 231 Hits 0 Ratings
How 3D printing could revolutionize manufacturing 18 January 2014, 22.46 Business
How 3D printing could revolutionize manufacturing
One day a 3D printer, using a mix of materials, will be able to create body armor for U.S. soldiers that is more lightweight and stronger than anything could be made with traditional manufacturing and materials
Read More 191 Hits 0 Ratings
Are bitcoin's chances of acceptance getting better? 18 January 2014, 22.46 Business
Are bitcoin's chances of acceptance getting better?
presented by Data center & cloud Many countries are still grappling with the issues of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, of which there are at least 70. China’s central bank, for example, has ordered financial
Read More 233 Hits 0 Ratings
Dear Mr. Wheeler: Americans pour their hearts out over in-flight cellphones
Like a nearby cellphone user with an annoying way of saying, “Helllloooo!” recently confirmed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has already hit a nerve. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to allow cellular
Read More 223 Hits 0 Ratings

Earth News Reports

7 Ways to Keep Your Eco-Footprint Lower than Your Tuition 19 August 2014, 00.29 Transportation
7 Ways to Keep Your Eco-Footprint Lower than Your Tuition
Share on TumblrEmail It hurts to say it, but summer’s almost over. Soon students around the world are going to be heading back to the accidentally-nod-off-while-studying sleep schedules and caffeine
Read More 92 Hits 0 Ratings
28-Sq-Ft Bicycle Caravan is a Portable Home for Your Inner Bohemian
Share on TumblrEmail This tiny mobile caravan offers micro-quarters on wheels to help unleash your inner bohemian. Powered by an attached bicycle, the 28-square-foot mini dwelling boasts a small bedroom or
Read More 83 Hits 0 Ratings
Bicycle Snake Bridge Makes Urban Cycling Even Safer in Copenhagen
Share on TumblrEmail The area around the Fisketorvet shopping center is a hotspot for pedestrian-cyclist conflicts, particularly in the summertime. In addition
Read More 78 Hits 0 Ratings
Saigon Socialite Applies the Ancient Art of Pagoda Carving to Shoes
RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Boston Magazine Uses Runners’ Shoes to Illustrate Bombing Tragedy Saigon Socialite Applies the Ancient Art of Pagoda Carving to Shoes by Jasmin Malik Chua , 08/19/14   filed under: Eco-Friendly
Read More 80 Hits 0 Ratings
Topshop Launches Third Upcycled “Reclaim to Wear” Collection
RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Topshop Launches Second Upcycled “Reclaim to Wear” Collection Retrend Alert Topshop Launches Third Upcycled “Reclaim to Wear” Collection by Jasmin Malik Chua , 08/19/14   filed under: Retrend
Read More 71 Hits 0 Ratings
Cambodian Garment Workers Are Working Themselves to Death
RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: H&M’s Cambodian “Poverty Pay” Scandal Exposed on Swedish TV The Big Idea Cambodian Garment Workers Are Working Themselves to Death by Jasmin Malik Chua , 08/18/14   filed under: Eco-Fashion
Read More 78 Hits 0 Ratings
Bottle liquor labels that tell you the truth 19 August 2014, 00.25 Green Architecture
Bottle liquor labels that tell you the truth
When you go to buy alcohol, what makes you decide to buy the one? Most probably the unique alcohol labels would convince you, don’t they? So here are the collection six photoshopped labels of such liquor that tells you truth
Read More 77 Hits 0 Ratings
Amazing flying machines made of cardboard 19 August 2014, 00.25 Green Architecture
Amazing flying machines made of cardboard
Daniel Agdag is an artist from Melbourne who has creative and intellectual talent of making things from cardboards. It’s really magical and amazing to see his creative work of scrupulously complicated cardboard sculptures of
Read More 115 Hits 0 Ratings
A collection of great ads about social issues 19 August 2014, 00.25 Green Architecture
A collection of great ads about social issues
It needs a creative mind to strike people and drive awareness via advertisements. There are several social issues in our society which have negative impacts for both adults and small kids. Your action is what copied by your
Read More 85 Hits 0 Ratings
Stunning posters about the principles of design 19 August 2014, 00.25 Green Architecture
Stunning posters about the principles of design
Using paper art, Turkish graphic designer Efil Türk has created some beautiful posters that illustrate the principles of design. Space, balance, hierarchy,… A total of 10 principles are explained better with clever
Read More 85 Hits 0 Ratings

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OneNote for Android adds handwriting support PDF Print E-mail

microsoft onenote for androidMark Hachman

Microsoft released a major update to its OneNote for Android app today, adding handwriting input and tablet support and bringing Android users closer to the OneNote experience the company envisioned for the Microsoft Surface.

When the Surface Pro 3 was announced, OneNote figured significantly into the release. Microsoft’s Panos Panay positioned the tablet as an effective digital inking device that even launches OneNote when users click the stylus. Once inside the app, users can mix and match typed notes and text, written annotations, audio, and images. And thanks to another update today, the Windows app can also import files such as PowerPoint documents and PDFs, as well as highlight text in notes and print them.

Many of these features have now been brought to the OneNote for Android app.

The addition of handwriting support is long overdue. Suddenly OneNote for Android feels like OneNote. I downloaded the app onto our Galaxy Tab Pro, a large Android tablet with roughly the same dimensions of the Surface Pro 3 and a stylus to boot.

formatting with onenote android Microsoft

The OneNote app for Android includes an Office-style ribbon. Unfortunately, to format text, you need to click the text, then the "Home" tab, then apply your edits.

You can’t perform the wake-on-click-the-stylus trick—clicking the button on the Tab Pro’s stylus brings up the familiar Samsung radial menu and nothing OneNote specific. But just the ability to type in a note, pull in an image, and then scrawl an inked note next to it is refreshing. You still can't import a PDF or PowerPoint presentation into the OneNote for Android app, but you can get around it with a quick snapshot or by exporting the files as JPEGs. 

By bringing new capabilities to its standard apps on various platforms at different times (Microsoft recently updated its Mac and iOS versions of OneNote, as well),  it feels a bit like watching a horse race run by Windows, the Mac, iPads and iPhones, Windows Phones, and Android devices. Personally, it’s still frustrating to pull out a Lumia phablet and be forced to either type or dictate a quick note to myself because OneNote for Windows Phone hasn’t yet implemented handwriting support. 

We gave the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro high marks for its productivity earlier this year, based on its large screen size and multi-window capability. Now, Microsoft has given the Tab Pro and its competitors an additional boost.

Microsoft’s OneNote for Android is available now in the Google Play Store.


Mark Hachman Senior Editor, PCWorld Follow me on Google+

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  Section:  Articles - File Under:  Business  |  
FCC allowed to question AT&T, Verizon on business broadband pricing PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has the green light to collect new data on the pricing of so-called special access services, the middle-mile network services used to deliver business broadband and mobile service backhaul.

The U.S. White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has given the FCC permission to collect new data in the long-running dispute over special access pricing. The FCC announced this week that the OMB approval was needed for the agency to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act, a law designed to reduce the paperwork burden the government imposes on businesses.

AT&T and Verizon Communications control an estimated 80 percent of the special access market, and competitors have complained for years that the two dominant telecom carriers are charging excessive prices for special access services. Special access is used by businesses for broadband, credit-card processing and cash machines, as well as by competing telecom and mobile carriers for backhaul.

Several competitors to AT&T and Verizon proposed the OMB approval for data collection in the FCC’s slow-moving inquiry into special access rates. The FCC circulated a proposed order on special access in mid-2012, but late that year, also asked for comments on the special access market. Those comments aren’t due until late this year.

Complaints about special access rates date back to years earlier.

OMB’s approval will help “pave the way for the commission’s review of business broadband service providers’ market power, business practices, and pricing,” carrier TW Telecom said in a statement. “The FCC’s access to this pertinent market data will help open the window to increased competition in the industry.”

The NoChokePoints Coalition, a group calling for FCC intervention in the special access market, called the OMB approval an important step forward.

“Countless industries and organizations and hundreds of millions of customers across the country depend on this critical broadband infrastructure to connect our cell phones, workplaces, banks, factories, data centers, universities, and hospitals to enable communications among customers, employees, suppliers, government, and each one of us,” a coalition spokeswoman said by email.

The FCC last collected data on special access in 2007 and showed large profits by the incumbent carriers, she said.

Asked for a response to the OMB approval, an AT&T spokeswoman pointed to a 2012 blog post by Bob Quinn, the company’s senior vice president of federal regulatory affairs.

FCC inquiries into the special access market are unnecessary because the telecom industry is moving to newer technologies, AT&T has argued.

FCC data collection on special access fees comes “against a backdrop where the industry ... is rapidly moving yesteryear’s copper-based special access services to fiber-based, IP services,” Quinn wrote in 2012. “This transition is attracting new competitors, creating greater network capacity and broadband speeds, and promoting industry-wide investment and job-creation.”

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, however, called special access “increasingly important in the digital economy.” The new data collection will help the FCC “better understand competition in this marketplace, and the impact on consumers as we pursue the commission’s statutory mandate to ensure special access services are provided at reasonable rates and on reasonable terms and conditions,” he said in a statement.

Grant Gross Reporter, IDG News Service

Grant Gross covers technology and telecom policy in the U.S. government for The IDG News Service.
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  Section:  Articles - File Under:  Business  |  
Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft's board PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

About six months after retiring as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has relinquished his seat on the company’s board of directors effective immediately, citing a busy schedule and confidence in the company’s current and future financial performance.

“As I approach the six month mark of my retirement and your appointment as CEO, I have been reflecting on my life, my ongoing ownership of Microsoft stock, and my involvement with the company,” Ballmer told his successor, Satya Nadella, in a letter made public Tuesday. “I have reached some conclusions and wanted to share them with you.”

Since leaving Microsoft, “I have become very busy,” Ballmer added, citing his purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, civic activities and teaching. “I have confidence in our approach of mobile-first, cloud-first, and in our primary innovation emphasis on platforms and productivity.”

Ballmer noted that he holds more Microsoft shares than anyone apart from index funds, and expects “to continue holding that position for the foreseeable future.”

Overall, “given my confidence and the multitude of new commitments I am taking on now, I think it would be impractical for me to continue to serve on the board, and it is best for me to move off,” Ballmer added.

Nadella thanked Ballmer in a letter of his own, which was also released Tuesday.

“It’s been a great privilege to have worked with you and learned from you,” Nadella said. “Under your leadership, we created an incredible foundation that we continue to build on—and Microsoft will thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world. While your insights and leadership will be greatly missed as part of the board, I understand and support your decision.”

Chris Kanaracus , IDG News Service

Chris Kanaracus covers enterprise software and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service.
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Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10 PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

Acer’s dual-purpose Aspire Switch 10 can function as a Windows 8 tablet and laptop, but the shape-shifting product’s uniqueness is in its magnetic keyboard base, an element not found on other hybrid devices.

The Aspire Switch 10 is first a tablet, but it can be attached in multiple ways to a keyboard base, so it can be used as a laptop or as a screen to conduct video chats or watch movies. The keyboard base has a rotating roller with snap-on hinges and magnets that allow the tablet to be placed in multiple positions.

During a brief hands-on test at an event in New York, the tablet securely snapped on to the hard keyboard dock base. The tablet can also be docked to the base in the opposite direction, which Acer calls “display mode.” It also can adopt a reverse V shape, which the company calls “tent mode.”

The Switch 10 incorporates ideas from other hybrids already available, but the differentiating factor is the magnetic keyboard base. Lenovo’s heavier Flex and Yoga hybrids can be placed in similar positions as the Switch 10, but the screens are hardwired to the keyboard base. Detachable hybrids like Hewlett-Packard’s Split X2 and Acer’s Transformer Book T100 have tablet screens that dock to the base only in laptop mode.

Microsoft’s 10.6-inch Surface Pro 2 has an optional soft keyboard that attaches to the tablet through magnets, but a kickstand is needed to secure the tablet.

As a tablet, the Switch 10 had a sharp screen and felt responsive. It runs on a dual-core Intel Atom Z3745 processor—code-named Bay Trail—with a clock speed of 1.33GHz. The tablet has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is close to 720p, and not full HD.

At 585 grams, the Switch 10 isn’t as light as the iPad, but it feels light enough to carry around. Acer missed on some features—it has only one front-facing, 2-megapixel webcam. Many tablets in the class of Switch 10 have two cameras, one on the front and one on the back.

The Switch 10 will ship with a basic keyboard dock, and with it the product weighs roughly 1.2 kilograms. Acer plans to sell an option dock with a hard drive, which will appeal to laptop users. Internal storage on the Switch 10 is only 32GB or 64GB.

The product starts at US$379 and will ship in June in the U.S. and Canada. The company didn’t comment on worldwide availability. Other similar-sized tablets include the $375 HP Omni 10, which has a faster Bay Trail processor and more cameras, but no keyboard base.

The Switch 10 is an example of how hybrid device makers are trying out a variety of designs. But in a stagnant PC market desperate for innovation, companies are hoping one of these designs will become a hit.

“At the end of the day what they are trying to do is combine the capabilities of a PC and tablet in a device,” said Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis Research.

PC makers are trying to get the weight, size and price point of hybrid devices right, O’Donnell said. There has been some adoption of hybrids among business users, who want a tablet yet need a PC to run business applications.

The success of hybrids also depends on the willingness of users to run Windows 8 in tablet form, and early signs of adoption are encouraging, he said.

Agam Shah Reporter, IDG News Service Follow me on Google+

Agam Shah is a reporter for the IDG News Service in New York. He covers hardware including PCs, servers, tablets, chips, semiconductors, consumer electronics and peripherals.
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Twitter more than doubles its sales, but still can't turn a profit PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

Twitter on Tuesday turned in some healthy sales figures for the first quarter, though its net loss grew substantially compared to last year.

Total revenue for the period ended March 31 was roughly US$250 million, Twitter reported, more than double the $114 million recorded for the same period in 2013. Twitter’s sales topped analysts’ consensus estimate of $241 million, as polled by Thomson Reuters.

“We had a very strong first quarter,” said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in the company’s announcement. “Revenue growth accelerated on a year over year basis fueled by increased engagement and user growth.”

However, Twitter hasn’t managed to turn a profit since it became a public company. The company reported a net loss of more than $132 million for the quarter, nearly quintupling the loss of roughly $27 million reported for the year-ago period.

The company’s earnings per share loss was $0.23, a tad worse than a loss of $0.21 reported last year. On a pro forma basis, excluding share-based compensation and other adjustments, Twitter broke even, beating analysts’ expectations of a loss of $0.03 per share.

Twitter’s stock was down to $38.30 in after hours trading, down considerably from its $42.62 Tuesday close.

Twitter, like Google and Facebook, makes the bulk of its money from advertising—$226 million for the quarter, up 125 percent. The lion’s share of its advertising—80 percent in the first quarter—comes from mobile.

To continue growing its ad revenue, Twitter needs to attract more users and increase the time they spend using the service. As a public company, Twitter is under pressure to make its service more accessible to a mainstream audience.

The company in recent months has tried to address this, partly through cosmetic changes like redesigning user profile pages and making photos more prominent in people’s streams.

Twitter is making progress in this area, but not very rapidly. Compared to the same period last year, Twitter grew its monthly active users by 25 percent, to 255 million. But compared to the fourth quarter of 2013, Twitter grew its monthly active users sequentially by less than 6 percent.

On mobile, Twitter now has 198 million monthly active users—a 31 percent increase, the company said.

Twitter executives will hold a conference call with investors and financial analysts Tuesday afternoon to discuss the results in-depth. More information could be given during the call about the health of particular types of ads, or of Twitter’s mobile ad network, MoPub.

Zach Miners , IDG News Service

Zach Miners covers social networking, search and general technology news for IDG News Service
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Bitcoin traders agree to settlement in Mt. Gox class-action suit PDF Print E-mail


Plaintiffs in two class-action suits charging the embattled Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox with fraud have agreed to a settlement, and new plans to revive the exchange have been drafted.

Earlier this year a class-action suit in Illinois was filed against Mt. Gox, following reports revealing the theft of some 850,000 bitcoins—worth hundreds of millions of dollars—due to a hacking attack. The exchange subsequently filed for liquidation with a Japanese court.

Now, under a settlement agreement, Mt. Gox will be reorganized rather than liquidated, and a portion of the lost bitcoins will be returned, according to a court document filed Monday night in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. A similar class settlement was also reached in Canada.

Under the plan, the investor group Sunlot Holdings will acquire Mt. Gox and establish a new Bitcoin exchange, dubbed “New Gox.” With the exception of a $10 million fiat currency holdback to fund recovery efforts, all bitcoins and fiat currency currently held by Mt. Gox, including 200,000 recently “discovered” bitcoins, will be returned to exchange members’ wallets, the court filing said.

Affected Mt. Gox members will also be treated as if they hold a 16.5 percent stake in New Gox, the filing said.

Under the agreement, Sunlot will make its best efforts to investigate and prosecute civil actions against anyone involved in the loss or theft of Mt. Gox’s bitcoins, according to the filing.

Mt. Gox was once the largest online exchange for buying and selling bitcoins. With its much-publicized downfall it has served as the poster child for the technological risks of the digital currency, and its uncertain future.

The settlement is contingent on the Japanese courts accepting the purchase with the agreed-upon terms.

“We are very excited about this deal,” said Jay Edelseon, lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, via email. For the U.S. class, liquidation would have been a disaster, because it would have taken a long time and generated a miniscule payout, he said.

The announced deal will provide immediate funds to the consumer creditors, he added.

A spokesman for Mt. Gox did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A preliminary approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for May 1.

Zach Miners , IDG News Service

Zach Miners covers social networking, search and general technology news for IDG News Service
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Florida commuter's illegal jammer blocked more than cell talkers PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

Some drivers would love to have a cellphone-free bubble around their cars, but when a Florida man allegedly created one every day on his commute, it didn’t necessarily make the highway a safer place.

Jason R. Humphreys of Seffner, Florida, operated a cellphone jammer in his Toyota Highlander sport-utility vehicle during his daily commute for as long as two years before the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the local sheriff tracked him down, the FCC said on Tuesday. Now he’s facing US$48,000 in fines, with 30 days to pay or file a response.

Humphreys told the FCC he used the jammer to keep people from talking on their cellphones while driving. Talking on a cellphone while driving is legal in Florida, even without a hands-free kit, though texting while driving is banned. Using a cellphone jammer is illegal for everyone but federal law enforcement, regardless of intent, according to the FCC.

Not only do jammers prevent consumers from making emergency calls, but they can disrupt critical communications by safety agencies, the FCC said. Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies confirmed that firsthand when they pulled Humphreys over. They said their two-way portable radios lost contact with the dispatcher as they got close to the SUV.

It was Metro PCS, the regional mobile operator now owned by T-Mobile USA, that tipped off the FCC that something seemed to be wrong on a stretch of Interstate 4 between Seffner and downtown Tampa about 12 miles away. On April 29, 2013, Metro PCS reported that its cell towers along the route had been experiencing interference during the morning and evening commutes. The FCC investigated with direction-finding techniques and found strong wideband emissions coming from a blue Highlander.

FCC agents and sheriff’s deputies pulled the SUV over, talked to Humphreys and searched the vehicle, where they found the jammer behind a seat cover on the backseat, the FCC said. Humphreys allegedly told the FCC he had been using the jammer during his commute for the past 16 to 24 months. Later testing found that the device could jam cell signals in three bands.

Humphreys is charged with unauthorized operation of a jammer, use of an illegal device and causing intentional interference. The FCC imposed the maximum fine for one violation of each, which adds up to $48,000. Because Humphreys used the jammer for so long, the fine could have been as high as $337,000, the FCC said.

Humphreys could not immediately be reached at a phone number listed for him and he did not return a message.

Despite some calls to legalize cellphone jammers in certain settings, the FCC takes a hard line on the devices, which are illegal to manufacture, sell or import in the U.S.


Stephen Lawson , IDG News Service

Stephen Lawson covers mobile, storage and networking technologies for the IDG News Service.
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Big data hype didn't speed growth in the BI market, Gartner says PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

All the hype around big data last year didn’t drive big growth in the worldwide BI (business-intelligence) and analytics market, according to research firm Gartner.

While the BI and analytics market grew about 8 percent to US$14.4 billion in 2013, the uptick could have been even greater, Gartner said.

Big data generally refers to mining and analyzing large sets of unstructured information obtained from the social Web, sensors and other sources, versus traditional BI, which runs reports and analyses off structured data stores.

“Even though big data hype reached a fever pitch [in 2013], this did little to move the dial for analytics,” Gartner analysts Dan Sommer and Bhavish Sood wrote in the report.

Only 8 percent of organizations surveyed by Gartner have actually deployed a big data project, with some 57 percent still in the research and planning stages, according to the report. This level of experimentation is “prolonging upgrade cycles in more enterprise wide initiatives,” it said.

There was also a disconnect in 2013 between the vendors with the most revenue and how quickly they grew. The top four BI companies—SAP, Oracle, IBM and SAS Institute—grew more slowly than the market average, according to the report.

These vendors’ core challenge lies in their maturity. “Their key offerings have been IT-led enterprise BI platforms connecting information through a semantic layer to a series of functionalities, such as reporting, ad hoc query and online analytical processing,” the analysts wrote. “This style of BI, while valuable, is already installed in most organizations.”

Companies such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho, which provide lower-cost alternatives to those kinds of tools, grew more quickly than the market average last year, they added.

Meanwhile, data discovery tools such as those sold by Tibco Spotfire and Tableau became more of “the ‘new normal’” for BI end-user experience during 2013, according to Gartner’s report. These tools give users a highly visual way to iteratively move through sets of data.

Large BI vendors worked diligently last year to release data discovery products of their own, which has “moved the whole market into a more competitive phase,” the analysts wrote.

Cloud-based BI also began gaining traction last year. Although it represented only 4 percent of the market, its growth rate was 42 percent. “Small businesses in particular have shifted their mentality around cloud and see it as an enabler to do more advanced things with big data and analytics, just like ‘the big boys,’” the analysts wrote.

Chris Kanaracus , IDG News Service

Chris Kanaracus covers enterprise software and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service.
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Microsoft's prototype keyboard understands gestures PDF Print E-mail

PCWorld News

Microsoft’s research division has developed a keyboard that can interpret basic hand gestures, potentially bridging a gap between touch devices and more traditional input methods.

[See the keyboard in action in a video on YouTube.]

Presented at the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference in Toronto, the prototype keyboard has 64 sensors that detect the movement of hands as they brush over the top of the keyboard. Swiping a hand over the left or right side, for instance, can bring up left and right side menus in Windows 8.

The main goal is for users to be able to keep their hands on or very close to the keyboard while typing and using input gestures, said Stuart Taylor, a Microsoft senior research engineer.

Some of the gestures can replace existing keyboard shortcuts, like the Alt and Tab combination for switching between applications.

“What we’ve found is that for some of the more complicated keyboard shortcut combinations, performing gestures seems to be a lot less overhead for the user,” he said.

Gesture control in touchscreens is commonplace for tasks like flicking through photos or pulling up menus. Even some mice can interpret gestures, but keyboards have largely stuck to their traditional input method.

Taylor said Microsoft’s keyboard can interpret a number of gestures, though only a few were working at the conference in Toronto. He also said it’s not designed to replace a mouse.

“It’s less about fine-grain navigation, which would still be performed with a mouse or touchpad,” he said.

The team has been working on the project for about a year-and-a-half and will continue to refine the gesture interpretation. The sensors on the keyboard are in pairs, with one sensor emitting infrared light and the other reading the light reflected back. It’s not unlike the technology in Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system.

Since it is still a research project there are no immediate plans for commercialization, but technology like this could give Microsoft a much-needed leg up in the computing race.

Nick Barber , IDG News Service

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Report: German spy agency inadvertently eavesdropped on Hillary Clinton, John Kerry
The German intelligence agency BND accidentally listened in on and recorded phone calls from Secretary of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, according to a new report from German news magazine Der Spiegel.  The Spiegel
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Compliance, BYOD help drive small-business storage 15 August 2014, 18.25 Computers
Compliance, BYOD help drive small-business storage
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FCC extends net neutrality comment period to Sept. 15
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended a deadline for comments on its proposed net neutrality rules to Sept. 15, giving members of the public more time to weigh in on how the government should regulate Web
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Lenovo's x86 server buyout from IBM clears last US hurdle
Lenovo’s planned acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business for US$2.3 billion has cleared a major U.S. regulatory hurdle, paving the way for the deal to close by the end of the year. The deal has been cleared by the
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From the Fire TV’s excellent voice search feature to muttering “OK Google” into your Android Wear smartwatch, voice control is a big trend in tech today. Insteon is listening, and on Wednesday the home automation
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SSL Blacklist project exposes certificates used by malware
Botnet tracking outfit has launched a project to list SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates used by some malware programs to hide their communications. A large number of Web services have added support for SSL
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BlackBerry has a digital assistant, too
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